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On The Move

Gave my 60 day notice and February 28 2006 I am o-u-t- outta here. What is up with these apartments and their 60 day notices? So a 30 day notice is no longer suffice I guess. Oh well more time to save money I guess.

We decided we wanted a change and a bigger place and we came to the conclusion to move. We been here for going on 4 years and its cool and everything but we starting to pack mo shiit in here than a pack rat and its still stuff I wanna get like my fishy tank and still need to get another nightstand and that armoire to go with the bedroom suit we never went back and got. Think they will still have it ? You know it has been five years

I guess I will be cooking New Years I told my dad he could come over since we didnt do nothing for Christmas. He hasnt spoke to me all week. I guess when black folks dont need anything they dont call. Dats how it go. Ya know?

I bought my first slow cooker today. I have been wanting a crock pot for the longest just never bought one. You know, I had just told Baby that i wanted him to get me a crock pot this weekend and then my supervisor come give me a Walmart gift card for the highest quality for the month of Dec. YEAH!! I got a 89 last month and it pissed me the hell off cuz I hate gettin wrote up and I shot that score up to 98 this month. Thats whats up.

I dont know how I do it, but they must have only monitored the good calls this month. Thank God for that. That j is hard but when they give me attitude I just have to put on a big azz smile and sound cheerful as hell and I find thats what pisses them off cuz they want me to talk back to their azz. I dont play them games. Then at the end they wanna apologize. “Well I am sorry for being soo rude and they held a gun to my head and made me except this and I was drugged and on medication when they called me and I didnt really do this and it wasnt me and blahblah”. yeah right and whatever I cancelled your azz …now biotch get off my got damn not going to help me make my commission this month so I dont wanna talk with you. CLICK! lol I wish. I try to talk to them all thru the call and butter them up to get the sale (me: so how’s the weather? *silence* ) (me: How are you doing today? *silence*) Them people dont wanna hear it because they know what you trying to do, but after I cancel them they wanna hold a damn conversation. I tried to relate with you all during the call yea yea whatever I know my name is pretty and no I dont really care if you granddaughter name is also Christina ( I get tired of hearing this ) WTF Off the wall shiit .
But yea I got the highest quality for the month of Dec so that job bought me a crock pot and some other junk. You know you cant just leave out of Walmart with one thing.

Well thats pretty much it for right now. Actually there is more that is bothering me but dont feel like gettin on my soapbox tonite. I’ll update later ..Until then



Home Alone ….ahhhhhh!

Sittin here wondering what tha h-e-double hockey stick..was I
thinking pushing baby to go spend Christmas with his family alone
this year. Alone in..without me. I should have went cuz now
I am soo skurred I am hearing noises  and oooh its gettin
dark..breath in ooooooooooooh breath out ahhhhhhhh WOOOOOO
SAAAAAAAA …Damn it I need a cigarrette  and I dont even smoke
no mo’. Stop it Chrissy  you’s a big girl now, 23, and too old to be
acting like this. Its only for 2 nights. But But what if somebody kicks
my door in?…Dammit what was that noise ?  Oh just a car…I know
I know but I’s not used to being home alone …and .. What if if ….
What if somebody breaks in…oh tha possibilities…I will definitely be
up all night. Thank God for the C.L. keeping me company.It was in
the plans for me to coook and for my dad to come over and I flipped
the script cuz I knew Baby hadnt seen his family in awhile so it was
my bright idea for him to go spend Christmas with them , but I didnt
really want to go. We debated and debated on it and at first he was
reluctant to leave me but I pushed and pushed. Why?  I dont know
why I did. Well yes I do…its been a death every year, actually
multiples between my family and his, and not to be thinking about
death on tha holidays but ya need to spend as much time with ya
family while they here. Ya never miss them til they gone. And he
finally gave in and left and I miss him something terrible. Our first
Christmas apart…ahhh Its kinda hard but Its only 2 nights..and…I
have no – idea what I am doing tomorrow…. My cousin wants me
to come to her house and I dont wanna …damn I am sooo anti-social…
how did I get this way? Actually I have always been that way, but I
just dont like to be around a lot of people..they is family though.

Auntie say she not doing nothing but opening up a pack of ramen…and I
feel that …Christmas is probably just as hard for her as it is for me. This
the second Christmas without Big Brother…I miss my brother soo very much.
Daddy upset cuz I didnt go with Baby. He worried about me cuz he been
watching the news..says I’m stubborn and got it from him..yea what else is
new..say its dangerous out there…say them New Orlean folk ruthless..yea
yea I know some of them is but its always been dangerous. I will be alright.
My co-worker, Amy want me to go to her house..I dont know but I have a
strong feeling I will be staying home..*sighs* I feel better now…just had
to relax relate release…until next time



On Vacation…

YESSSSSS! I dont go back to work until Tuesday and bets believe I am going to
be enjoying these 4 days of relaxation. I basically finished up my Christmas
shopping last night. I had to go pick up a Secret Santa gift and I had went to
Walmart. I give great gifts. I love doing Secret Santa..It was suppose to be a
dollar store gift they said. Dollar Store Santa  but I cant get nobody a gift from
no dollar store. They had a lot of nice shiit there. Everything I saw to get for
someone else I pretty much had to buy one for myself too  Yep. What I ended
up getting my person was this black Fiber Optic Angel holding a baby lamb and
it played music. Its beautiful and I knew she would love it. My Secret Santa went
to the dollar store for me though  but dats okay. I got some slipper socks and a
candle. I also bought a little body lotion/body wash gift set for the girl that sits i
n the cubicle next to me that I run my mouth too sometimes. I bought Baby mom
a perfume gift set. The only person that was hard for me was Amy. What I
originally wanted to get her was this black sweater that I had wore to work and
she had liked but they didnt have another one so that left me at a lost as to
what to get. I ended up getting her this really pretty jewelry box. Its wooden
and has three drawers on the left side. The bottom drawer you can put a picture
in a heart-shaped picture frame. On the left side is this glass door that opens and
is kinda like engraved with roses. On the inside its a place to hold necklaces and
shiit. I had to get one for myself. Pretty much..Amy got me a gift set with the
lotion/body wash/body lotion/ bath salts and a bunch of other stuff inside with
the basket and yea ya’ll know what I am talking bout. Matter of Factly Imma go
bathe with that tonite and smell like some melon before hopping in the bed But I
am happy that all I have left is my father and Baby. I learned my lesson that
whatever I give daddy he cant pawn . Thought I was doing something good for him
last year by buying him that watch and he pawned my shiit and prolly didnt even
get half back of what I paid for that thang, but oh well I gave it to him to do what
he wanted but it still hurt. He needs help. But if anything I will just probably get him
clothing or he has been mentioning a cd player but he will prolly pawn that tooo. Cant
worry about that though. Baby dont want shiit . Well he want alot but what he wants
is never expensive. I guess I should be happy because some women have to buy their
man 100 dollar pair of shoes and Amy suppose to be gettin her man a 300 dollar grill 
I mean we in the south I dont mind the golds but one is cool why da hell you gotta
get the whole thing grilled out.  But I need to hurry up and come up with a gift for Baby.
I have already gotten him some small gifts but still scratching my head on what to get…
. BTW dis Jagged Edge cd is not hitting. What happened?? Baby love Jagged Edge so I
am still gonna get it and he gonna play it to death and its gonna end up growing on me
cuz I am going to end up knowing every last word.  Thats usually what happens…until
next time


My Family..My Family

Yesterday was very eventful ..lemme tell you..I got a call from my auntie yesterday morning simply checkin on me and stuff and seeing how I was doing. Me and my aunt never go too long without speaking. Matter of fact..she da only one I speak to on a regular basis besides my daddy and my niecey..but yea she was speaking on her father who is now in a nursing home and now has alzheimers and she stated she was going to see him that day. I was like well I am sorry to hear about your father and thats good that you are going to see him and thangs. Then somehow or other we got on the subject of “G” and “S” ( who is my grandpa wife grown chillen) knowing her father. I was wondering how did they know her father and this da messed up part..kinda confusing but n e way.. here it go.

My grandma, whom I never met..she passed before I got here, had 7 kids. My oldest uncle stay in California is the oldest …my mother is the next oldest and her along with da twins and my uncle who took me in after my mother passed have the same father. My auntie who I am close with and my other uncle who stay in Dallas ..they the youngest but they have the same daddy but n e whoo. What I didnt know was my grandpa second wife was married to my auntie daddy and they lived next door to my grandma and grandpa in a duplex back in da day  So granny, God rest her soul, was getting her groove on  but n e way my step grandma kids that I thought was just my mother and ‘nem step brothers and sisters are actually my auntie and uncle half brother and sister.. Okay dis family got some secrets I tell ya …and soo much more drama that I aint got time to expose the Jerry Springer madness here.

N E Whoo my auntie was speaking on going to her mother and my mother grave site and was like I should have called you earlier so you could have come than we hung up. I got off the phone and me and Baby was still laying in the bed and I was like explaining what was going on . He made the comment of why dont you go so I was like yeah why dont I so I called my auntie back and she said she was going to get me when her girlfriend got out of church. Told me not to eat and thangs cuz we was going to eat later. Her new girlfriend, first time meeting her and thangs, is a character. She had just gotten out of church..the gal was dressed to the neens ya know but she was sippin on some alcohol and cussin up a storm and I was cool and errythang but I thought it was strange. Anyway we saw my auntie daddy..look just like my auntie..damn why that nursing home smelt like crap but n e way after that we stopped at my auntie friend house to visit then from there we went to my uncle house that I lived with for a minute and my grandpa was there. I got out and visited with him for a minute…he was happy to see me wondering why I dont come by . I stepped in and hollered with my cousin “D” who looking more and more like her momma I swear. I barely recognized her. It was nice seeing the family. This family dont get along at all but I was surprised to see how happy I was to see them. I exchanged numbers with my Grandpa and my cousin and just as we was about to leave why my auntie and her girlfriend got into it. OKay this is the goes.

My cousin D came out to the car to be introduced to my auntie new girlfriend. My auntie say “dis Gwen” and my cousin D go “who Gwen”. I dont know why that crazy child said that but she did and my auntie unknowingly (lawd lawd lawd ) responded “Gwen is Gwen ”  …So end of that I thought. We pulled out and my auntie girlfriend was mad that she did not address her as her girlfriend instead of saying “Gwen is Gwen” My auntie didnt remember saying that soo she called D on the phone to try to clear it up which made Gwen even mo upset but n e way that screwed up the whole evening. Everyone was quiet in the car looking crazy , but we still stopped by my grandpa wife house to visit.

The thing is when I am with my aunt she try to take me to EVERYBODY HOUSE. I asked her why and she say they always be asking her about me like “Where Chris” so I was like okay I was just wondering.

After that last visit..It was still kinda stale in the car but my auntie still pulled up to the restaurant expecting us to the eat and her girlfried was acting funny like she didnt want to go in. My auntie wanted me to go in with her and leave her girlfriend in the car but I was like naw I am not doing that sooo my auntie a fool. She went inside the restaurant and left both of our azzes in the car  . YEP SHE SURE DID. To make a even longer story short me and my auntie ended up getting left at the restaurant and having to call someone to come pick us up. Can you believe that shiit. CHRISSY DONT GET LEFT AT NO DAMN RESTAURANT!! GOT DAMMIT!!..Shiit but my azz shole got left that day. …So that was my very eventful Sunday and I was like damn remind me to take seperate cars next time when I go somewhere with ya’ll ..until next time



Sooo Sad

Well our Parakeet Snowie died today…May She R.I.P. … Well I am not an animal lover soo I really dont feel anything. Boo love animals and he gets all bombed about anyone passing. We have had soo many deaths this year I tell you. His oldest aunt passed away last month and I am surprised he didnt take it as hard as I thought he would.I basically just told him that since losing my brother and my mother I think my feelings are dead to death. When someone tells me “oh so and so passed” I am all like ..”oh really…sorry to hear that…so n e way” I dont think that I am heartless but you just move on. When my brother passed away in 2003 my world stopped. After losing my mother he was all I had left……dont want to go down that road of pain right now maybe another day…

Snowie was Boo bird..I swear he want to turn our home into a farm if he could  I love that big heart of his..its just funny how he try to be all hard and manly all the time and yet luv him some animals..but yea I had just got off the phone with him when I was on my last break and he called me not even 10 minutes later telling me “Baby I got some bad news “sounding all sad and stuff…I had the phone on speaker cuz I was at Amy desk and I didnt want anyone to see the phone to my ear…(no cell phone policy at work)…he like “Snowie died ” I was like “Are you serious?”..Wait a minute “Damn are you crying?”  Ohhh Shiit its not funny..then Amy stupid azz gonna bust out laffin so I had to hurry up and get the phone off speaker than I ran off the call center floor to talk to him. If he would have known she heard him he would have been p’d off at me. But he was like “Naw you just get attached to shiit when you feeding them everyday and thangs…you aint never fed her so you dont care” Yea I do..I care it is sad shiit we only had that damn bird for a few months. ..Then I get off the phone with him and go to my desk and Amy come rubbing on my back talking about “its gonna be okay…I just aint never seen no one get upset about a bird’ She stupid I swear…

It was raining soo freaking hard today and I sit by the window at work. I was gettin cursed out by this white biitch on the phone ..ignoring her.. while I looked at the cars tryin to ride thru the waters and getting stuck..*in my ear* “YOU BETTER GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK OR I AM CALLING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL” Betta??? I felt like telling that women I aint betta do shiit but stay black and die…I swear this job kills me….I am like shiit I need to be at home cuddled up wit my man. I love the rain, but that lightnening was frightening….the computers went off for a second and everybody was like “Yes” then it came back on and then its “No”  I had to be careful driving home today because my car aiint got no breaks in the rain. I got in my first wreck last week. Hit this mexican biitch from behind and was soo scared to get home and tell Boo and he surprised me and was like ” I am just glad that you are o.k.  Not his “Blue” He didnt even want to check out the damage first.

Boo did kinda piss me off though cuz when I got home he didnt know what to do with the bird I was like damn I thought you would have took care of that by the time I got home because hell I didnt know what to do with it either. I asked him “Baby if something happen to Sunday (my cat) what we gonna do with her ?” Damn if something happen to my cat I would be dev-a-sta-ted..Man that cat gets on my nerves but it would be quiet around here without her. …She like my baby and Yea now I know I was wrong for suggesting he throw it away. …Boo looked at me like he wanted to say damn biitch do you have a heart…I wonder about my heart sometimes…but hell we aint got no back yard ..soo we ended up burying it in the apartments by the pool… I was like the maintenance men gonna end up digging it up prolly n e way when they do the gardening but hey we tried  I just wonder what made her croak. Boo saying “Shiit I need to stay away from animals ..thats the second one that done croaked on me…

Until next time 


2 days in a row ..not bad

Other than me being my usual 20 minutes late for work ( I was knocked tha f*uck out , today was aiight. It just dragged and dragged and dragged until it could not drag no more.. This job is really racking my nerves, but I thank God for the job . Mr B gave me HIS LOOK today when he came in today and goes “uh-uh you need to change your schedule” Noooo I dont want tooo. Dont make me..I am soo sad I know it. He just worried about me getting fired over my adherance. Yea I know I need to adhere to my schedule. He suggested a 9 to 6 schedule but I like getting off at 5 pm I just hate coming in at 8 am. Yeah me gettin to work at 8:20 does seem like changing to 9 will be more beneficial to me, but its not the schedule its me. I do a 9 to 6 then I would be getting to work at 9:30. I just need to get to bed earlier, but I am a night owl. If it wasnt for the sup that I have boy I would have been sooo gone like “NEW MONICA”I need a new cell. I be gettin my messages like a day late and shiit. I want this bad boy right ‘chere That Nextel i870.


BAM! I love this phone. My i730 is crap. I fell in love with this phone when my co-worker bought it to work a couple of weeks ago. They are really gettin to high-tech with these phones. It got a camera,video,mp3 player, and its blue-toothed enabled. Honestly I would be happy with my old phone if it wasnt soo crappy but its got to go. How can you get text messages 3 days later…. yeah okay..But yea I am soo tight with my money I cant see myself paying 400 dollars for a phone….no siree.Amy said she ordered one for me today because she so called got the hook up. I was like yea okay.. how much I owe you? She come back with dat slick shiit “how much you wanna owe me” Hey we girls so how about make it free. Black folks love free stuff dont we.  …75$ dollars is a steal…compared to 400.00 had to talk her lower though to 50$ cuz my azz is we gonna see if she come thru on dat one .You know sometimes it pays to hang out with snakes..just joking…just dont get snaked . Its a cute azz phone though, but I know Baby gonna flip the hell out if he see me walking in da house with another phone. Everytime he turn around I got another phone. Folks be donating they phones to me or sumthin . Yea he gonna have a ton of questions…yea yea..Number one: He dont like for no one to give me iiish…and I dont either and Number 2 He dont like me gettin caught up in no shiit so I know where he coming from on that point. But we’ll see…

Monday down..Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 2 go ..Until Next Time



Heart Of The Matter

Do I really want to do this journal thing? …… I dont see why not…everyone else is blogging..right?…so lemme get at it. Besides often times Boo jokes I spend more time on the internet than I do with him. Matter of fact he is right… Yea Yea I know Thats not good, but how about you spend more time with “Blue” than you do with me. I dont know but only time will tell if I can get the hang of this thang, besides I doubt anyone will be reading anyway….I had a journal on AOL that I was dedicated to at one point , but that one was private and I could invite readers if I choose. I had about 5 readers that commented. And I could still use that one, but when I left AOL I left it. Since then I havent really been good at keeping a journal. Plus, I dont really like to let anyone share in my private thoughts. Probably the real reason why I dont have any good friends, but Its hard for me to open up to people. I dont trust easily and you really shouldnt….got burned too many times.

Amy said I try to act like my life is perfect. I honestly dont believe that statement because she knows what I have been through with Boo. I just dont put my problems on blast like she does. Not that thats a bad thing, because her secrets are safe with me its just I dont let anyone in my business.You know what I am saying

Today was a pretty good day. Nice and relaxin. I laid in the bed til about 11 with Boo than I got up and fixed up something for lunch and then I laid back down with him..We soo lazy But thats my favorite time of the day…just being in the bed with him with his arms wrapped around me..laying on his chest..stroking his chest hairs..while he rubs my hair and strokes my face with his…ahhh PURE BLISS! He say that I am such a baby. But he da reason why I cant make it to work on time. I swear…Yea he made me that way….But after that I got up and got on the computer and been on it every since. I managed to cook, clean-up, and work on my cookbook in between being on-line. I found this really really cool free online cookbook that I downloaded today and I have been in the process of transferring some of the recipes that I have tried and like into the new cookbook. I am trying to be organized I guess.

My schedule is soo hectic. I am such a night person but I hate gettin up in the morning. Like now its 2:17 a.m. and I am not sleepy at all. I am trying to wait for Boo to get through washing our clothes so we can lay down together. I can’t sleep without his sexy chocolate behind..I tell ya. I dont know why he chose to wash soo late but just thankful that I dont have to do it. He’s the Best. Until next time,,,


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