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My Lord

I am in love. I found this Suave Limited Edition Seasonals Whipped Cocoa body lotion at the dollar store today and it smells delicious. Make me wanna got out and get a 3 Musketeer from the store. Smells just like chocolate Imma have to lotion up when I get out the shower tonite. I love smell goods.

Had to go dry my clothes at the washateria today. Landlord say she gonna have the dryer checked out next week. Why did I leave the house with 100 today and come back with 40. All I was supposed to do was dry clothes so I dont know where 60 dollars went
I cant go into a store without buying a new pair of shades. Every since I switched to contacts I been rocking the shades My collections has grown bigger than Boo’s.

Boo had made me soo mad today that I had to go take a walk. Getting mad over petty shiit. He needs to stop all of this controlling Bullshiit. I like the Townhomes across the way. They have some nice benches that I like to go sit at to relieve my mind…just listen to the birds and relax. Of course he figured out I was gone and wanted to call me acting stupid. Started not to pick up the phone . Sad to say but I think I need to detach myself emotionally from him, but thats hard for me to do because when I luv someone I luv hard..but I shouldnt allow anyone to make or break my day. I need to take more walks and take more time out for myself and I have been doing that lately. Need to remain mature and in control of my actions.. Sometimes he gets me soo mad to where I just sit and sulk. Just because he wants to be miserable does not mean I have to . Soo daTs why I took a walk to let the big bad wolf know. Negro you NOT going to mess with my day

I finally spoke to Daddy today.Daddy tried to get out of coming tomorrow claiming to be broke. He hasnt been over here since the time he helped us move. Same oh same oh saying he been partying with friends and spending all his money. Will he ever settle down? Feel like I am the parent worrying about my kids ripping and running the street at night. But convinced him to come.

Me and Boo been cleaning all day. That man can clean thats one thing I can say for him. He scrubbing floors and got me scrubbing walls …whooooooooooo I keep a clean house but he is a maniac…neat freak…How can u take 3 hours to clean the living room floor? ..Whats that disorder call..obsessive compulsive…I used to say I had that because I used to check to make sure I did something 50 zillion times not knowing if I did it or not.
Well tomorrow gotta get my cook on..Baby doing the Q’ing and I am handling the rest..Probably pick up Dad around 1…Dat Dat Dat Dats All Folk ..



Why dis lady send her husband ova her to fix the dryer knowing damn well he dont know how to fix shiit? Come pick it up and get it taken care of and stop wasting my time and yours. Talking bout he coming back at 2 in order to “look” <—-? at it . Its going on 4 now what? I soo hate having my evenings interrupted. Why when you call these folks to fix things they want to look at you like you broke it. Puh-lease give me a break.

Very restless right now. Need new starter for car. Warranty does not cover it. Mo money more problems. The Amp went bad …why didnt he tell me it was a used Amp? If I had a known that I would have told him to make damn sure It has some type of warranty on it before you buy it. Men!!! lPeople be trying to fucc over you. Just bought they Amp brought it to you to install and it stop working the next day and you say we cant get our money back. Are u freaking kidding me? Of course I had to go up in there and act like a biitch. One thing that makes me mad about that man. He can tell me what to do all day long but when it comes to money he lets folks rip him off. Dont do that !!! If I was him I would not have even got another Amp from them…would have took my money elsewhere. Got a brand new one this time.

I wonder if Daddy coming over this weekend. He said he was but he shole havent called. Imma call him and c whats up though. I aint for chasing no one even though he is my daddy. Just hate when people say they going to do sumthing and dont do it. Put it in the Lords Hands. Thats all I can do is pray for him because he acting funny. Something is up.

Baby bar b q this weekend. Might invite my Aunt over. She want me to start working out with her. Say D (her ex)  tried to turn off her membership with 25 (had to go back and read that I mean 24 )hour fitness and she went and politely turned it back on Crazzy!!I guess the girl figure since she not with my Aunt no more she gone cancel her membership. Shiit the membership free anyway…D job gets them a free membership. Not like she paying for it My aunt be getting caught up in some shiit. Told me she about to hit the lottery and make us rich. Hey just make sure you dont go in hiding..give me a call. I cant see spending my money on the lottery like that. I tried but just cant get in the hang of it. My whole family be doing that shiit.

Well aint nuttin going on but the rent. I wish I could go to the Essence music festival. Need to try calling 102 and winning some tickets ya know. They jammin that Charlie Wilson..gonna make me go out and buy that cd 102. His new song is jamming too. Now thats how you make a comeback Gap Band Lemme go back to cleanin my house …been taking too many breaks …


Auto Crazy

I am going Auto crazy. I havent been to work since Tuesday and thinking about not going in tomorrow. I wake up at 7am still lying in bed ..grab my cell..and call traffic and ask “Ya got any Auto for health & dental (my department) ?” yep okay sign me up. My check gonna be looking shitty again.

Today boo put some new speakers in the car and a amp. It sounds nice too. He think he tha shiit

We done got into the routine of walking the track together every other night. I need to start running it but not motivated to. I heard walking is betta well actually fast pace walking instead of the leisure strolling I be doing. lol

Gone be broke for another 2 weeks. Ya would think that would be my motivation to take my azz to work tomorrow but we shall see..

Well I am about to call it a night….until next time



New Job

Boo got sent to another job and working loooooooooong hours at the Port and me and Rocky are home alone ( I aint mad though..get ya overtime baby . Lawd knows we can use the money .

Me on the otha hand my check will be s-o-r-r-y coming up on this week cuz I left work everyday last week and when i say everyday i mean EVERYDAY..MON TUES WED THURS FRI..I wasnt playing. Everyday like around 12:00 My sup say you wanna Auto?  Auto is something my job has when the calls are coming in slow they give the option to a certain amount of people to go home early if they like. I was outie 5000ziiie.. I think I did 48 hours but thank God for commission so it will more than make up for it but still getting cheated ya know.

Sup came thru today and asked if I wanted to Auto…man it was soo hard to not say yes, but hell rent is coming up got a 200 dollar light bill and some mo bills that i done got introduced too so I said No ..if ya got it dont tell me about it. Damn 3:00 they came around again with the Auto papers and I was about to git it. Jo was like girl you got 2 hours til5:00 if you dont sit yo ass down. Good job on motivating me even though she Auto and left me an hour later at 4:00 because her baby got a fever. Thats ok because I got called off at 4:00 to do training for the Newbies on X-sell because our X-sell numbers are low. So that last hour flew by.

I gots to get to work on time. Why is that soo hard ? I guess just got in the habit of being late. Looking back on my time I can count on one hand how many times i have been on time within the last couple of months .I am on a written and if i dont make my adherance this month will be a final. Sup tries to help. He gave me some vitamins and told me to take them. They might be helping because I was on time this morning I had to be or he would be asking are u taking those vitamins? He wants me to do Lead duties when this other girl that does Lead on our team goes on maternity leave or to put in when a Supervisor position becomes available. I am not really interested in being a sup there though. I will do Lead duty to cover him when he out or whatever but thats about it. New positions will be coming available soon because they invested a lot of money in doing another center on the 18th floor and our 20th floor gets its own breakroom away from Bargain Network ghetto folks. They be soo doggone loud that I rather eat in my car sometimes .

Well baby is home I am kinda hungry and mouth is watering for that smothered chicken I made yesterday.

Peace Out !



Happy Sunday

Dude just came to my area trying to switch my electricity today to Stream from Direct Energy and I was going to do it too. I went outside to let the dog out to shiit and saw baby coming up to me with some dude tryna sell me something, but when they had a rep call me for the verification process ole girl on the phone tried to give me an attitude and was like lemme speak back to the sales dude. I was like hey he in my backyard you can call him on his cell phone i guess. Too bad I had to go out and tell dude that I am not switching if this the type of service that I will be getting. Baby didnt want me to switch anyway …oh well black women and their tudes cost that dude his sell. I was tryna help him out.

Baby went to check on the a.c. in the car..I told him dont be no mechanic shops open on Sunday and if there is one open they dont be tryna do no work on Sunday be wanting to keep ya car til monday an shit. I dont blame him though because its hella hot…Damn!!!

Gotta make some groceries today ..people say “how do you MAKE groceries?” because I’se country and I can making my list ..soap..toilet paper…etc…

Yesterday went to go get the dogs his shot way in Jersey Village…damn Houston is soo places in Houston that I aint neva seen. Baby say lets move out here..I am like we just moved what? 3 months ago. He git bored soo quick ..I mean ..

This weekend flew by didnt it. Sundays are soo laid back but I cannot really enjoy Sundays because all I can think about is tomorrow is Monday .
Daddy is acting brand new..whutever ..he a grown man but ya know I am wrong too for the holding grudge thing because he is still my daddy even though he is soo upsetting me. I will start calling him and letting him know how much I luv him . He out there partying . I dont know if he doing what I am thinking he doing but he shole havent been coming around our way so why is that ? Lets just say I hope and pray that he is taking care of hisself and put it in the Lords Hands.



Soo Sad

Today kicked off our annual jump and kill yourself event at my job. Not funny. However every year never fails someone decides to end their life at the tower where I work. Damn cant u just swallow some pills? Why would you wanna go that way? I know when i got to work I saw alot of ambulance trucks parked out front not knowing what they were there for I did find out about 12 that afternoon that ole dude had jumped off the roof and landed to the ground. What a way to go .A few of my co-workers that had seen the body said his leg had disjoined from the rest of his body. Last year there was this girl that jumped off the 17th floor and one of her legs disjoined from her body as well . Now that one I saw. It was the first time that I saw something soo horrific up close. I heard soo many stories on why she did know how it can be with rumours. White people must think they can fly or something because I havent seen or heard about any black people jumping .You know by time 5 o clock hits the story been done changed 10 times. The social security office is in the same building I work and some say she was denied benefits so she decided to kill herself (yea I don’t know much about social security but they obvously ain’t no joke because people be looking too through when they come from that place. I only go there to get a replacement card which was once.) others say she was retarded and wanted to ride up to the 17th floor and wave to her father from there and she leaned too far and fell ..right in front of her daddy that is sad. RIP.

While walking to my bus stop today with two of my co-workers they got into a discussion about whether dude was going to heaven or not. I was always told if you kill yourself you not getting into heaven, but one of the guys said that that was not in the bible..i dont know about that..and depending on where he stood with God he still might get into heaven. But how good can your standings be if you jumping off a damn building and then he goes on to say he may have asked God for forgiveness before he jumped. I didnt agree with him but since I dont know THE BOOK as well as I would like to I didnt get into that with him I just let him ramble on talking out the side of his neck but later when I got home I thought true he may have asked God for forgiveness and I am sure God forgave him but that still does not mean he going to heavan..feel me ?


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