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OOooooh You Got It Bad!!!!

You know its true when something or someone rather becomes unavailable to you all of a sudden it makes it look oh soo scrumptious and make u desire it more. Kinda like the kid with the toy he never plays with anymore until his cousin comes over and makes it his new favorite toy then all of a sudden the kid remembers how much he loves the toy that had previously gone forgotten.  I read The Rules of Dating…BE UNAVAILABLE. That rule works ladies. Use it to your advantage but don’t you hate when its used on you. Check this out I told BJ to start seeing other people because I was not ready for a serious relationship you know with me just getting out of a long term and all so he heed and hawed about not wanting to and I pushed him to do it because homeboy was getting serious too fast and was starting to sweat me. I mean he had it bad. I talked on the phone to him night and day. The phone became glued to my ear. I began neglecting household chores and eating from talking to him soo much. It was quite flattering how he expressed himself to me and all because i havent had many who has had it baaaad over me. His words to me were like poetry. So whatever, he starts having “friends” People he just hang with and even though I told him we not committed or tied down to one another he still says he is not fuccing them . Do I believe it? I honestly don’t know but I aint gonna lie my jealous side has showed and I have tried my best to keep it under wraps. BJ stays with relatives for the time being so he doesnt like to be home too much so he always goes to his partnas house to chill or tries to come see me but since I decided we had been spending too much time together he starts chilling with these “friends” all up at they house and thangs. Which is cool… I guess ..I mean he calls me from they house and everything and we still talk but I am soo freaking jealous its pathetic. I am starting to miss the little youngin. I am feeling neglected now that his calls don’t come as much as they used to and he aint sweating me anymore.

Today I told him lets just be friends. I mean JUST friends. No romantic conversations. No talks of relationships and *gasps* No sex. He called me out and said that was just my jealousy talking and that now that I told him to see other people and he does I am feeling jealous and I don’t mean what I am saying. Damn. I lie and say that is not it I really think that we should be friends for the time being and he asks ” Oh and then hook up back later?” I tell him yea if you havent found anyone else and I havent found anyone else by then. He goes “fucc you then” That made me mad so I told him off and hung up. I have been acting soo childish lately and I dont know what it is. I am confused by my feelings and don’t know what I want.

BJ calls me back and tells me that I am running from him.  Its not that I am running I am just not ready.


Getting Intimate With BJ

Soo much has gone on and I haven’t really had time to post and update. The one thing that sticks out is that me and BJ have gotten alot closer lately. He has spent the night with me a couple of times and no matter how I cried that I did not want to get serious with this guy and how much I wanted to take things slooowly we ended up fucking of course. Ahhh! yes I am such a whore 🙂 I really really dont know how to act getting out of a 6 and half year monogamous (on my part anyway) relationship. Anyways all that talk and that little youngone backed it the hell up. Stamina like a motherfucca! Dick harder than a roll of quarters! I tried to keep up with the youngone but I aint gonna lie he got me.

I say about the 2nd time he came over it was onnnnn like a pot of neck bones. I unfortunately dont have a tv downstairs anymore due to the fact the 56 inch I was renting from Aarons a couple of months back went out on me and the tv before i had downstairs went upstairs into the second bedroom sooo ya know ….we wanted to watch a movie and uhhh well we had no choice but to go upstairs. We actually watched the first movie with no problems at all.. he didnt try nothing or anything. I was real surprised. He was real cool at first. I think it was actually my horny ass wondering why he wasnt trying anything and I got curious. So I started getting flirtatious and pointed out the fact that a sister was really proud of him for being such a gentleman. Ha Haaaa!!! Soo funny. One thing led to another and we started caressing, grinding, groping, moaning, kissing, touching, rubbing, licking, sucking, and then eventually that led to screwing, more moaning, groaning, YELLING, HOLLERING, Hee Hee Ahhhh Man just thinking about that pain makes me horny for real. Looking at his “member” I didnt think that it could do much damage but once he put it inside–it was not a joke. That sucka musta grew or something. LOL. I was very tight and it was a little uncomfortable at first maybe it was because it had been a long time for me but it aint been that damn long…a month and a half aint long for real. LOL… he just did not stop. I mean he’s like that little energizer bunny…just keeps going and going and going.

I mean me and my ex went a long time tooo but eventually that negro would get tired after awhile and go to sleep..not BJ. He put me to sleep and of course that left him feeling like he was the man. Finally we had to stop because the last time we had sex that night we got on the floor and we were having sex and I told him to stop because my knees were starting to get carpet burnt and plus my kittie was getting dry from the condom. We forgot the lubricant and obviously the knee pads. Plus I never use lubricant anyway because I never had to. I make my own. I am still kinda confused on my feelings about him. The conversation is good and so is the sex, but there’s just something that is missing. He doesnt make me feel all giddy ..Bingo..yea I dont have that giddy feeling when I am around him like in new relationships or crushes. We are straight comfortable with each other . Which is good? Dude is now passing gas around me now. Double Eww! That giddy feeling is overrated ..I think? Once it wears off thats when some start getting bored and start to search for something else. I dont know but I am just chilling for the time being and am going to watch and see where it goes.


The New Guy

I met someone…..His name is BJ and I like him a lot. I have been knowing him for 10 days and he has been occupying alot of my time and thoughts. Personality wise he is everything that I am NOW looking for in a guy..kind, considerate, great sense of humour, has dreams, respectful and more. Plus he likes me alot . I mean alot alot …way more than I like him. I now say thats the only way a relationship would work for me now ..the guy has to be more into me than I am into him because normally I am the one putting in all the work in a relationship but here’s a guy that is sweating me and is willing to do anything and everything to make me happy and I am not used to that. Its usually the other way around.

I am not interested in getting into another relationship right now so I told him that we are going to be friends but he wants more and everytime I say the “friend” word he starts ranting and raving. Even if nothing happens between us I feel like I have found a best friend in him. Its about 5 things that are keeping me from letting it go to that other level.

1. He is only 23. ( I have never talked to anyone near my age before. I am only attracted to older guys. My ex was 30 when I met him and is now 37. I can’t explain it but I see his age the same as being weak. He is not immature but he doesnt have that sureity yet that I like in older guys. Also it could be the fact that he is not a roughneck, the type I usually go for, why I am sniffing weakness somewhere. )

2. I am not ready to jump into another relationship right now. ( I am soo loving being single right now, never thought I’d say that, and am not ready to give that up. I am enjoying being with myself!!)

3. Location (currently he lives on the SE side of town but is considering a move to Daton which is 2 hours away so I won’t be seeing him that much if he does.)

4. Not independent ( He is not where I would like him to be in his life right now. I have my own place, vehicle, and don’t have to rely on anyone for anything and he doesn’t live alone and has no vehicle similar to how my ex was when I fist met him so I prefer someone that is independent and has as much if not more than what I got because I tend to like to take care of my man but in turn I also want to be taken care of -even though I can take care of self. )

5. He used to be a bit of a hoe. He is a reformed hoe, I guess, but he is very open and honest about his past which most people are not.


6. He has 2 kids by 2 different women. (everybody gots kids these days EXCEPT ME for real -for real so its kinda hard to find someone that doesnt have any children. My ex didnt have any and I had always thought we would have our first child together didnt work out that way, but I am still wanting someone where we could share that experience with each other and each other only…no outside baby mamas.)

So I am just chilling. He is adorable, sweet, not the type I usually go for and I am loving that but I am still exploring other options. I hope that we are able to remain friends but if I decide not to go to that other level with him and he keeps pushing the issue. I might have to……….. let him go.

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