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I Get So Weak..Sunday edition


On Saturday, Bj left to get his hair braided from a woman that lives down the street from me and when he made it back we pretty much lazed around the house the whole day. He bought some “green” from one of the guys that was there getting his hair braided as well so we pretty much spent the whole day Saturday and Sunday getting blazed. It was kinda bunk though. We usually get “the green” from Southpark but to avoid travelling that far and because we’ve been looking for a connection on my side of town we went ahead with this guy. I was just buzzing it didn’t really get me like I like to feel.

Sunday we must have had sex at least 3 times before Bj left. My pussy is a little sore but satisfied. It’s like I can feel ole girl smiling down there LOL. I am kind of upset with myself that I got soo weak minded and couldn’t stick by what I said but I am only human. I guess because the past few weeks have been kinda lonely for me and when he started kissing on my neck it became hard for me to say no.

Bj got up to leave around 7 and I walked him to the door. Usually he is the one that asks me if he could stay another night but he didn’t and before he walked out I was surprised that I ended up asking him if he would stay. He paused for a long time before answering yes and I guess I got upset that he took soo long to answer that I was like thats okay just go ahead and go.

Right now my head and feelings are real discombobulated. I don’t know whether I should just leave Bj alone since obviously we can’t be friends. I mean we could but that would be really hard for me because I have feelings for him *sigh*. I don’t know what to do.

I blame it on the dick that has my head screwed up right now. When I think about me and Bj that old SWV song comes to my mind. “I get soo weak in the knees. I can hardly speak. I lose all control and …….”

All them girls could sing hunh?

Until Next Time…

Chriss 🙂


I Get Sooo Weak….Saturday edition


I caved in and spent this past weekend with BJ. I was like we are going to try this friend thing and see how it goes. Before BJ came over I asked him straight up what was his attentions when he gets to my house and he told me that he wanted to see me and spend time with me but was also hoping that we would have sex too. Hummph!

So he came over Saturday and at first I was being strong he was being strong. We was chilling, talking, and catching up with each other. He hugged me a little too long when he first came in. While I was in the kitchen he came up behind me to give me another hug and I felt a little no a bigggg something but we were doing good.

And then….we put on a porno. Why oh Why? I mean WHYYYYY?? That was the end of it. I can’t even remember how we were even to just break out this damn flick, but yea I think he said something and then I told him about this flick I found online (I love porn!) that goes hard and I asked him if he wanted to watch it (I do it to myself everytime dont I ) . I found the clip saved to my desktop and put it on for him and the sexual tension was soo thick you could cut it with a knife…and after a few minutes of watching it he goes “Damn I’m horny.”This man gone ask me if he could jack off in front of me (I like to watch!) and my answer was “friends don’t do that.” That was my answer to everything almost that whole day when he asked me something I wasn’t comfortable with …”friends dont do that.” And from there after we finished watching the one saved on my computer, he just happened to have one in his cd case that he wanted to show me.

This was the beginning of our show me yours and I’ll show you mine contest I guess. So we went upstairs to my room and he wants to show me his chest. He works out a lot so he says he has gotten bigger since the last time I saw him ( like its really been that long). I say thats okay and he actually gets mad that I don’t want to see his chest LOL. He tells me that he is going to show it anyway but when he lifted his shirt I turned my head LOL. Funny. It’ s like as soon as he got inside the house he started talking real big about how much better he has gotten since we were last together and all this jazz trying to get me to take the bait but I wasn’t biting. Like I said in a previous post, Getting Intimate With BJ, the sex has always been fantabulous with BJ but the last couple of times we did it was not the mindblowing sex I was used to with him. He was having some dingaling issues. So all that day he kept telling me “I’m back!” LOL….

He put the dvd in and I layed across the bed and he sat on the edge of the bed so I put my head on his lap. I was soo horny just from being near him. He looks at me and goes “Damn I’m horny” I say “You always horny” and we go back to watching the dvd. After a moment he asked me if I mind if he jacked off in front of me. He was really wearing me down, but I just shook my head. This negro gonna then ask me if I would leave the room. I just gave him MY LOOK but I pretended to get up off the bed to leave and he pulled me back down. Playing all these games when the inevitable was sure to show up, right.

So I am chilling watching this flick and I see BJ get up and straddle my ass and starts kissing my neck and I close my eyes and ahhh its been awhile. It felt soo good. He is very good with his mouth. I can feel him rubbing his dick behind me and its turning me on more while he is kissing down my neck..then down my back..and then plants a kiss on my ass. Oh-My- God. Could this be heaven?

He turns me around on my back and kisses my breast giving each one equal attention and paying close attention to the nipples. He sucks ’em just like I like them. I trail my fingers across his cheek to his ears then tangle my fingers inside of his hair as he kisses his way down my body. He licks his way down my stomach to my navel and sticks his tongue deep inside of my navel. He unbuttons my pants then unzips my pants and slides them down my body -his mouth never leaving my body still kissing his way down until he gets to my pussy. He slides his one finger inside my wet pussy then two and I moan. He pulls my pussy lips apart and starts to softly lick on my pearl tongue then he applies more pressure and ahhh it feels soo damn good. I got my fingers in his hair and grinding my pussy into his face as I watch him rub his dick. Then I come…..

He slides his hard dick inside my wet pussy. When his dick first goes in it feels indescribable. Kinda like a dive in the ocean on a beautiful sunny day when your body hits that water. Yea like that. So he’s moving. It feels perfect. My pussy has a good tight grip on his dick and he’s moaning and I am moaning and were grinding and just when I am about to come he finishes. Oh talk about mad. I was. “Nigger what? I c ain’t nothing changed ” I say. LOL. He goes damn its because you feel soo good and you soo tight and wet. Damn its just something about your pussy. LOL.

I’m not really mad because either way I did come and I enjoyed it while it lasted.



My Soul

You Are a Bright Star Soul

Like a shining star, you have no trouble being the center of attention
In fact, you often feel a bit hurt when all eyes aren’t on youYou need to be number one in everything, no matter how trivial

And it’s this ego that both hurts your confidence and helps you acheiveYou’re dramatic and a powerhouse of pure energy

You posess a divine quality or uniqueness that’s hard to define

A natural performer, it’s likely you’ll become famous in some circles.

Just learn not to take everyone’s reaction to you so personally!

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul and Prophet Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?


Daddy’s Little Girl

Yesterday my dad was supposed to come visit me and spend the weekend with me however yet again he stood me up. I hate when people make a ton of promises that they don’t keep. Funny thing is I never ask my father for anything …he always  just tells me he is going to do this this and that and rarely does anything.

I see my dad maybe once a month. Lately he has been coming around the 1st of the month to buy me groceries since me and the ex have broke up he has said he wants to help me out. This is nothing I asked him for however it is very kind of him to do this. My dad is 57 years old and still acts like he is 18. My dad has more fun than me. He loves to party, drink, and have a good time. Often times he likes to spend time with his friends more than he does with me and I am kinda upset that he hardly has time to spend with me. I mean we hardly get to kick it enough as it is.

Yesterday when he called me, I missed his call so he left a voicemail on my machine around 12 in the afternoon. It wasn’t even an hour later when I returned his call and found out that he had already left. I thought maybe he was on his way, but he never showed up.  I was upset because we had already made plans for yesterday and him coming to spend the weekend with me. I told him I would be home all day and it seems to me he was just looking for  a reason to not show up. So I called him all day and I guess he didn’t make it home until today when he calls to tell me he is sorry and that he spunt the birthday money he promised me. Uuhh! I mean I don’t care if he gave me money or not its just the principle of people doing what they say they are going to do and with me that never happens and people know that I am soo forgiven and I often get taken for granted. I am tired of people letting me down because I always stand by my word. If I am going to do something I do it.

I don’t want to cut my dad out of my life because I love him but I am tired of being disappointed by the people that mean the most to me. This is not the first time that he has let me down. I have cancelled plans before for him to have him never show up. I have had him promise to show up to my house on holidays and him tell me that he is too tired to come.

Sometimes I feel as if I am in this world alone. I tell you 😦


How Could I Forget To Mention??

BJ called me on my birthday. When I was at work yesterday, I received a call from “private” and I don’t usually answer private phone calls but I picked the phone up without thinking. Then I heard his voice. I got real quiet. 1. I was happy to hear from him. 2. I was still upset with him about what he did. You know we really had not had a chance to talk at all about everything that had went on and about him stop calling. The only information I had was the information that he had left on my voicemail from the times I had missed his phone calls.

I was real cordial towards him. I didn’t get upset and yell at him. I thanked him for calling on my birthday and told him I was surprised that he remembered (damn shame my ex could not even call me on my birthday). We spoke a little bit. Yes, he and the girl he is staying with hooked up. (Uhhhhhh!!! Thats crazy. I knew it. I dont care what anyone says men and women cannot be just friends.) It just happened supposedly. He didn’t want to tell me about it because he did not want to be made to feel like a dog. He said he wishes  now that he could have been more patient with me. He knew that I would not be okay with continuing seeing him while he was living with this girl and having relations (my word) so he thought it would be easier to just stop calling. He says that he still cares about me and he is basically using this girl for a place to lay his head until he gets on his feet ( THAT I have a problem with ..if you can use her you can use me as well and I am not about to be used again by anyone.  I don’t use anyone and I dislike people that do it to other people.) You know my mind starts swirling and thinking the worst like he probably stopped calling because he found out that he could not use me so therefore he had no use for me. Damn shame. I mean he was good company.

BJ says he still wants to see me sometimes just to spend time with me and nothing else (yeah right).  I mean I am upset and then I am not upset. I am upset because I really liked  him and I felt good when I was around him. I met BJ when I just broke it off with my ex so I told him from the get go I wasn’t ready for anything serious and I told him to see other people even though he said he didn’t want to. Everything would probably be okay if he wasn’t staying with this girl. To me, thats what makes everything different. I mean you let ya’lls friendship lead into something more when you had sex so regardless of what type of relationship you guys claim ( because supposedly she told him to see other people too) thats a little too weird for me to be caught up in a love triangle or a sex triangle (or whutever). If he was seeing someone else that he told me he wasn’t just friends with and he wasn’t staying with her I think I would be okay with it. I don’t know.

I would love to remain friends with BJ but if I invite BJ over and we watch a movie or whatnot because of our history together…. other things would happen. I know me.

Another one bites the dust……

Chriss 😦


Happy Birthday to Me. I am 25.

Another boring birthday. I really did not make plans for today however I did tell my aunt that I would go out with her and her gf (before the cut the cheese incident) to a gay club they frequent. I was surprised my aunt called me this morning and left a voicemail on my phone wishing me a happy birthday. I was working so I didn’t have a chance to answer the phone. When I got home, her gf called me about 9 to find out if I was still going out with them but I didn’t answer the phone. I don’t know I don’t like drama and the incident from the day before left a bad taste in my mouth to where I just felt like I did not want to be bothered.

My co-worker Joanne had wanted to go out to eat on my birthday, but I didnt really want to do anything. I would have liked to go out to the club but I don’t have no girlfriends who will club with me. Sad I know. But I cannot say I am sorry for the way my birthday was spent. I just  lounged around the house and got a lot of much needed rest.

I am happy I can get in the 25 and over clubs, which is the only clubs I like to frequent anyway. Maybe I will find me a going out partner one day. Everyone wanted to go out with me when I didn’t want to go out and now that I do I can’t get anyone to go out with me.

25–thats the age I wish I could remain forever but I know it won’t be long before I start making my way to 30.


Who cut the cheese?

Happy Valentine's Day Myspace Comments
Well I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s day. I am happy that day is long gone. That was the first time in close to 7 years that I did not have a Valentine and guess what? That punk (my ex) did not even call me. I guess its good that he is moving on with his life but it still hurts that I think of him a lot and I am not on his mind.

I took off early and went to my aunt house because she wanted me to run her to her friend house, however when I got there she told me she decided not to go. As usual, she was having some problems with her gf so she started telling me about their latest argument. She wanted me to run her to the pawn shop to get some things out of layaway that she had there so I did that.

This is sooo stupid but this is how petty my family can be sometimes. We had a good time all day laughing and joking but on the way dropping her home we had one of the stupidest argument I have ever had with anyone. This smell came into the car like somebody had died or something. I thought my Aunt had passed gas because thats what she do. My aunt ain’t got no problems in passing gas in front of whomever. After a couple of minutes this foul odor did not go away, so even though it was cold outside I lowered my window some to let some fresh air in. I didn’t say anything to her.

After I let the air in, she goes why you do that? I look at her increduously and said “you don’t smell that? You farted didn’t you?” She looked at me and said that she had not done it and told me that I did it. I knew I had not passed gas so I thought she was just playing. You know when you are kids you play “you did it” “no you did it” when the person that really did it be lying all along. So I thought she was playing but after I insisted that she did it she started getting serious. Why I dont understand? It wasn’t something in my opinion to take serious. I was laughing and joking and to be honest I did think she was joking and had actually done it until too late I guess I looked over and saw she had this mean look on her face. LOL I am sorry but that is soo stupid to get upset over “Who cut the cheese?” If I had known she was serious I would not even carried on the way I did.

When we got to her house. I started not to go upstairs inside her place because she seemed to be in a bad mood, but I went ahead and went inside and I wasn’t going to stay long. When we got inside, I asked her why was she getting all upset? She started saying because she knew that she didn’t pass gas and that she put that on her mother’s grave and all this. I mean ok you didn’t pass gas ..thats fine.. but why get all huffy over it. So I told her I wasn’t her gf and that I wasn’t going to argue with her and she said to me “All of ya’ll can just leave me the hell alone. I don’t need any of you in my life” So affter she said that what the heck I’mma stick around for. I politely got up said bye and left.

This is the stupid childish stuff that goes on in my family. Folks stop talking behind crap. Does anyone else family do this?

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