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My daddy (my first love)

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile now. I had been putting it off and putting it off. I am gonna try to make it short and sweet because I don’t like to dwell on this. It hurts too much still.

What made me write this post today is I had clicked on this yahoo video link that said father and daughters dance too close…..It turned out to be about a father and daughter dance competition. It looked a lot like the dancing they do in Dancing With The Stars and yes they were dancing too close LOL but after that video went off a video about Patrick Swayze having pancreatic cancer came on and I nearly cried. I love love love Patrick Swayze. Its funny because yesterday I wanted to write a post about all of my celebrity crushes and post pictures and yes Patrick was going to be on that list. I could not write that post yet because I wanted to get this one out the way. The reason why the Patrick Swayze video made me wanna write this post is my father passed away from Pancreatic/Liver Cancer this past September.

In July, I found out my father was in the hospital. He called me one day from LBJ hospital while I was working, and told me he had been in the hospital all week. I asked him why he hadn’t called me sooner. My guess is he didn’t wanna worry me. He said the guy in the room with him, a patient, had nudged him to call. I was like you should have wanted to call me. He had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. He was having some trouble breathing which is what forced him to go to the doctor and get a check up. They ended up sending him home and putting him on medication to stabilize it. I thought it was not a big deal really. Truth is the majority of my family has high blood pressure and is taking medication to control it, so I sadly was not that concerned. Hell I am 26 and found out year before at the health fare at my job that I am “borderline” and need to keep getting myself checked.

While my father was in the hospital in July, I did manage to go take the very long bus ride to see him however (we live on opposite sides of the city and I had no transportation at the time) before he got released. It really surprised me on how much weight he had lost from the last time I had seen him. My father has always been a small man so he really did not need to be losing more weight. But this was not the first time I had noticed my father had lost weight. He had been slowly dropping weight I guess for a year before he passed. Each time he came out to see me at my home, I would comment to him “Dad, you are losing weight…… Are you eating anything?” and he would say “Yea Chris I been eating” and I would always see the worry around his eyes when I would comment about it but I would just ignore it. I thought he was out partying and drinking and not taking the time to eat which he probably was and I would worry but try to put it out of my mind. And if he was sick, I knew my dad was not going to no doctor. My hate of doctors, from my dad I did receive. Every time I would see my dad he’d say to me “Chris, make sure you take care of yourself girl. We all each other got now. Your mom and your brother not here now. If you sick, go to the doctor.” And I would say right back ” I am . You too, Dad. Take care of yourself too” Too bad he didn’t listen to his own advice and too bad I didn’t nudge him more!! I beat myself up now that my father is gone that I didn’t do more. Yes, he is stubborn, I got that from him too, and probably would not have listened anyway but at least I could have insisted he go get a check up or something and maybe they would have saw it…..

I beat myself up over all my family deaths. My mom died of a heart condition. She was overweight so I beat myself up for awhile for not getting on her to eat more healthy and exercise. Never mind I was only 11 at the time she died, slightly overweight myself, and knew nothing about exercise or eating healthy at that time anyway. My older brother died 10 years after she did from a blood clot that traveled to his lung and I beat myself up about that like I should have been closer with him and maybe I would have seen something to know he was sick so that I could have told him to go to the doctor. My aunt had the nerve to blame me in a way to for my brother death because she asked me for his number one time and I wouldn’t give it to her without asking him first because they were not that close anymore. So when he did die she made a comment like me not giving her his number had something to do with his death. My family…My family.

Back to my father…… so of course the weight lost was a sign of his cancer which no telling how long he did have that. In the Patrick Swayze video, a doctor said pancreatic cancer has a 99% mortality rate. My father’s doctor told me that as well. They don’t really know where my father cancer started, but just from how fast it killed him they believe it may have started in his liver or his pancreas, because its very hard to detect, and by the time it is detected its too late because it moves soo fast. It made me feel better to know that most people miss it so I wasn’t the only one to not notice anything but I DID notice something. I noticed the weight lost and if only I had been just a little more vocal I could have spoke up and told him to go see a doctor.

Well I am surprised I am still beating myself up about it. After my father found out about his high blood pressure, I would talk to him on the phone from time to time and he seemed ok. He just seemed to be worried about eating the right foods. I would tell him to basically stay away from pork, salt , and fried foods. He was extremely worried about this and it hurt my heart that I couldn’t do more for him. *Sighs*

In September, I get a call from my father and he tells me that he wants to see me. I am worried I am like why. He sounds horrible on the phone by the way and I can barely understand what he is saying. He couldn’t really tell me what was going on and the people he was staying with could not either. I was working and could not get a day off and had no transportation. Having no transportation is a real bitch in Houston, by the way, if you ever move here. Houston is too big and spaced out to not have transportation. Anyway I spent about a good week worrying and crying to Bryant before I finally was able to call in sick. Bryant (he was wonderful thru all of this) gave me the money to rent a car that same day, I went by Walmart to get my dad a portable cd player he had been asking me for and I was going to take him the Johnny Taylor cds I had made him for his birthday that I never got a chance to get to him.

When I got to his house, he stay with his brother. I walked in and I sat down in the living room. My dad’s brother girlfriend was sitting in the living room and told me that my dad’s two sisters were in his bedroom giving him a bath. That was the first sign that something was off. I was thinking why can’t my father bathe himself? Is he really that sick? I had no idea and alot of questions. I asked the older woman how is he? How is my father? He doing ok? She said naw, I am not going to say that. I am not going to lie to you like that baby girl. Second sign, and I felt my stomach doing somersaults. When I called earlier in the week, I had a chance to speak to one of my father’s nieces that was over visiting and she had told me that he was ok. He was doing good. So that reassured me some but now it looks like things were not good at all.

Finally the door to my dad’s bedroom opened and out my aunts came. I hugged them and went in to see my father. He was nothing but bones. So small and I just wanted to cry. He spoke soo softly that I could barely hear him. I pulled up a chair next to his bed and just held his hand and rubbed his head. He reminded me of a sick little boy I just wanted to hold him. My Aunt came in there and sat down with me and she asked me is there anything that you wanna know? You feel like we have been hiding things from you? I said I just want to know whats going on with my dad. I noticed that his stomach was blowed up and I asked her about it and she said its cancer. My heart dropped. My dad just looked at me with those big puppy dog eyes that looked like mine and I felt soo sorry for him and sorry for myself. My aunt was like we’ll talk before you leave and left out to the room for me to be alone with my dad. I got closer on him and kissed him on the lips and lay down next to him and cried like a baby. He said ” I just gotta get better Chris. We all each other got” .

Before I left I sat in the living room with my Aunt and they told me that he has cancer. One day his feet and his stomach blew up big, they took him to the doctor to get a biopsy and it came back that he had cancer. It had spread and they didn’t tell my father this. They felt he didn’t need to know because he was already worrying soo much.

Not even a week after I seen my father, I got another call from the hospital that my dad had been admitted and it didn’t look good. They wanted to know how soon I could get down there, because his doctor really needed to speak to me. I felt sick. I called my Aunt (the one I had previously fell out with) and told her what was going on. I really needed to talk to someone. I still had the rental car so I flew down the freeway doing 80-90. When I got to the hospital, 3 of my dad sisters were there and his niece. The doctor was asking me all this questions about if my dad was to go into cardiac arrest should they resusitate. They told me how fragile his bones was and that it might lead to them breaking bones if I wanted them to do chest compressions. They tried to lead me to make the right decision which was to let him die because there was nothing they could do for him. They wanted to “make him comfortable” which consisted on giving him medicine for the pain and letting him go. I was in denial and all this did not sound good to me. I wanted him to live. They finally let me see my father before he was taking up to his room and he had an oxygen mask on and was really weak. Oh how I hated to see him like that. My father’s stay there was about a week long before he passed. I took off work for the whole time he was in he hospital. One thing I can say is he was surrounded in love. I was up there everyday from 10 to about 8 or 9 and so was his sisters and nieces. He was never alone except when we left for the night. We had the option to stay the night with him, but I could not bare it. Before he became doped up with morpheine I knew he was aware that I was there. One day I came to visit him and his family was all in the room, I walked in and my father sat straight up and said “Hey, Chris!” and then he layed backed down and didn’t say another word. Weird. I thought that must have took a lot out of him for him to  sit up and acknowledge me but I was glad that he did.

The day my father died. I walked in the room and only one of his sisters was there, she said she was going downstairs to smoke a cigarette. I sat down and noticed that my dad’s breathing was not sounding good. I knew it wouldn’t be long. I just sat there and held his hand and watched him and told him how much I love him. My dad took his last breath and I am happy to say that I was there with him. Just me and him. I love you daddy. You were the best daddy that you could be to me and you spoiled me rotten. I will never forget you…..

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Update *My Aunt*

I know i needs to be doing some updating……

My Aunt Well lets start off with my aunt, the only member of my family that I was really associating with and keeping in contact with besides my father. The last time I wrote we wasn’t speaking remember because of some bullshit. I wrote about that in my who cut the cheese post? LOL Well we actually ended up making up. I forget who called who first but some where around I think it was fourth of July she invited me over to her house to chill with her and her girlfriend because she had cooked and she wanted to meet BJ.

When I spoke to her after us being on the outs for awhile she was surprised to learn that not only had I not gotten back together with Rich, but now had moved on to BJ and had moved him in all up in my house and thangs. She was really expecting me to get back together with my ex I guess because we was together for 7 years and she knew how much I love his azz.

She met BJ. She liked him. At first when we walked into her house she was just like nice to meet you and everything. I couldn’t really tell what she was thinking about him until me and BJ was seated and my aunt’s girlfriend came out from the back room and saw my boyfriend. My aunt’s gf was basically acting a damn fool lol…like oh my God , he sooo handsome, damn where you find him at, ya’ll gonna have some pretty kids etc LOl. It was funny and embarrassing at the same time. After my Aunt’s girlfriend expressed what she thought about my man thats when my aunt let me know she approved. She was like yea Christina got a looker I see. I wouldn’t mind babysitting ya’ll kids cuz you know I don’t do the ugly ones lol. (FYI my aunt is extrememly hard to please in the looks department..she is high yella with light eyes and she is going on 50 but think she is the greatest thing created still since sliced bread. She talks bad about for her to compliment my man thats something. Hey not that I cared if she approved or not because she thought my ex was ugly and I was still with him) The night ended ended well and me and my aunt was back talking and I was happy until….

Not too long after that day, my aunt invites me to go to lunch with her and a friend of hers. I was like cool. I was happy to spend time with her and since me and my ex had broken up, me and my aunt had gotten closer so I didn’t want to lose that connection just because I was in a new relationship. Ya know. So on this day, my aunt came and picked me and BJ up and we went to this nice restaurant that me and my aunt had been to before. I was in a really great mood. I paid for her meal and everything that day. After we left the restaurant her and her friend decided they wanted to go to the gameroom. The gameroom is like a casino. I didn’t even know that they even had casino’s in Houston until I started chilling with my aunt. Totally illegal!!! Ha ha such a trip how I found out, one day my aunt had took me to this place that said 99 cent store on it. The tint on the windows was really dark but I didn’t think nothing of it she didn’t tell me what she was getting from there but I always love to shop in the 1.00 store so hey I jumped out to go in, but when I walked inside, they had slot machines everywhere. It was a trip, but every since that day I now know how to spot them. Anytime I see a store with no name and has really dark tinted windows on it I know that its a casino. Crazy..But anyways my aunt and her friend was on one side playing slots and me and BJ was on the other side playing and losing all our money.

Anyways I was through playing . I had lost all that I wasn’t planning on losing but BJ wanted to continue to play. He had left his money at home so I was gonna spot him a 20 until we went back, and I am digging around in my purse and coming up empty. I remember telling BJ that I didn’t know where my money was. I knew I should have had more money, but he was like thats ok and my aunt was getting ready to leave so I just forgot about it. As we were heading out the door, my aunt leading the way, I saw her bend down next to the car and pick up something from the ground. Then I saw her chasing something that had flew a few feet away. I didn’t think nothing of it. Then I saw something green, a piece of paper next to the car, so I scooped down to pick it up and it was the receipt from the restaurant. When I looked over to my aunt she had (yep you guessed it) my money in her hand. The zipper on my purse was broken but I was still carrying it and the receipt from the restaurant and my money had ended up falling out of my purse. Thats why when we were in the gameroom I was telling BJ I am sure i had more money.

My aunt was all tripping because she “found” some money and I am steady telling her thats my money. I told her this my receipt it dropped out of my purse and as I am telling her this she is stuffing the money in her pocket and is like what that mean? That don’t mean anything. Gangsta. Yep, my family is gangsta. I was soo fucking mad I wanted to cry. I just got in the car and nobody wasn’t saying anything. So after awhile I was like can i have my money? and she is like how you know this is yours? How much is it? If its yours you ought to be able to tell me how much it is? How I know whats yours and whats mine now?

And that made no since because she asking me exactly how much it is and then telling me she don’t know how much of it is hers and how much of it is mine now that she has it all mixed in together in her pocket. So it makes no difference how much it really is does it ? She was still planning on keeping it. A complete trip. So she dropped us off at our house and I just got out the car without saying shit to her and BJ was like nice to meet you to her friend and nice seeing you again to my aunt. I was kinda mad at that like nigga she just stole my money don’t fucking talk to her azz. I heard her asking her friend if she was wrong or not and her friend was like trying to stay out of it. Hells yea you wrong. But that was the last time I let her burn me.. When I went in the house I just cried and BJ held me. It wasn’t even about the money its just how she handled it. She is too gutter and I am not like that. I can’t be around people like that. It hurt because I really love my aunt and I feel like she did me dirty but oh well that is life.

I didn’t talk to her again until in September when I found out my father was very sick in the hospital. And that will be my next post.


Daddy’s Little Girl

Yesterday my dad was supposed to come visit me and spend the weekend with me however yet again he stood me up. I hate when people make a ton of promises that they don’t keep. Funny thing is I never ask my father for anything …he always  just tells me he is going to do this this and that and rarely does anything.

I see my dad maybe once a month. Lately he has been coming around the 1st of the month to buy me groceries since me and the ex have broke up he has said he wants to help me out. This is nothing I asked him for however it is very kind of him to do this. My dad is 57 years old and still acts like he is 18. My dad has more fun than me. He loves to party, drink, and have a good time. Often times he likes to spend time with his friends more than he does with me and I am kinda upset that he hardly has time to spend with me. I mean we hardly get to kick it enough as it is.

Yesterday when he called me, I missed his call so he left a voicemail on my machine around 12 in the afternoon. It wasn’t even an hour later when I returned his call and found out that he had already left. I thought maybe he was on his way, but he never showed up.  I was upset because we had already made plans for yesterday and him coming to spend the weekend with me. I told him I would be home all day and it seems to me he was just looking for  a reason to not show up. So I called him all day and I guess he didn’t make it home until today when he calls to tell me he is sorry and that he spunt the birthday money he promised me. Uuhh! I mean I don’t care if he gave me money or not its just the principle of people doing what they say they are going to do and with me that never happens and people know that I am soo forgiven and I often get taken for granted. I am tired of people letting me down because I always stand by my word. If I am going to do something I do it.

I don’t want to cut my dad out of my life because I love him but I am tired of being disappointed by the people that mean the most to me. This is not the first time that he has let me down. I have cancelled plans before for him to have him never show up. I have had him promise to show up to my house on holidays and him tell me that he is too tired to come.

Sometimes I feel as if I am in this world alone. I tell you 😦


Who cut the cheese?

Happy Valentine's Day Myspace Comments
Well I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s day. I am happy that day is long gone. That was the first time in close to 7 years that I did not have a Valentine and guess what? That punk (my ex) did not even call me. I guess its good that he is moving on with his life but it still hurts that I think of him a lot and I am not on his mind.

I took off early and went to my aunt house because she wanted me to run her to her friend house, however when I got there she told me she decided not to go. As usual, she was having some problems with her gf so she started telling me about their latest argument. She wanted me to run her to the pawn shop to get some things out of layaway that she had there so I did that.

This is sooo stupid but this is how petty my family can be sometimes. We had a good time all day laughing and joking but on the way dropping her home we had one of the stupidest argument I have ever had with anyone. This smell came into the car like somebody had died or something. I thought my Aunt had passed gas because thats what she do. My aunt ain’t got no problems in passing gas in front of whomever. After a couple of minutes this foul odor did not go away, so even though it was cold outside I lowered my window some to let some fresh air in. I didn’t say anything to her.

After I let the air in, she goes why you do that? I look at her increduously and said “you don’t smell that? You farted didn’t you?” She looked at me and said that she had not done it and told me that I did it. I knew I had not passed gas so I thought she was just playing. You know when you are kids you play “you did it” “no you did it” when the person that really did it be lying all along. So I thought she was playing but after I insisted that she did it she started getting serious. Why I dont understand? It wasn’t something in my opinion to take serious. I was laughing and joking and to be honest I did think she was joking and had actually done it until too late I guess I looked over and saw she had this mean look on her face. LOL I am sorry but that is soo stupid to get upset over “Who cut the cheese?” If I had known she was serious I would not even carried on the way I did.

When we got to her house. I started not to go upstairs inside her place because she seemed to be in a bad mood, but I went ahead and went inside and I wasn’t going to stay long. When we got inside, I asked her why was she getting all upset? She started saying because she knew that she didn’t pass gas and that she put that on her mother’s grave and all this. I mean ok you didn’t pass gas ..thats fine.. but why get all huffy over it. So I told her I wasn’t her gf and that I wasn’t going to argue with her and she said to me “All of ya’ll can just leave me the hell alone. I don’t need any of you in my life” So affter she said that what the heck I’mma stick around for. I politely got up said bye and left.

This is the stupid childish stuff that goes on in my family. Folks stop talking behind crap. Does anyone else family do this?


I found my nephew!!!

I am soo ecstatic that I finally got a chance to meet my nephew!!!!! I cant believe he turns 14 in April.

My brother, now deceased, had a son when he was 17 and I never got a chance to meet him. Actually no one in my family has gotten a chance to meet my nephew. My brother was not really being the father he was meant to be with his son so thats kinda the reason why.

How this meeting all came about? I have been wanting to meet my nephew since like forever. My niece who is 11, always brings up to me how she wants to see the brother she never met. My supervisor has a membership with so I asked him if he could look up a name for me. I had the name of my brother’s high school girlfriend and I was just hoping that her last name had not changed. Well good news!!! Her last name was still the same and my supervisor located her for me and gave me her telephone number!! It took me a couple of days of thinking about what to say when finally my niece mother, whom I work with , came to my desk at work today, a couple of days after I had receive this telephone number from my supervisor in order to discuss my recent trip with my niece, I mentioned to her that I had received this number for my nephew’s mother. She got real excited I believe because my niece had been mentioning to her how much she wanted to meet him so she asked me to give her the number which I did. Not even 10 minutes later she comes back to my desk at work and lets me know that she called this girl and she wants to meet everyone!! We had the meeting set up for Sunday however my nephew’s mom got soo excited that she called my sister-in-law back and wanted to do it today.

We set the meeting up for Wok-Bo , a chinese restaurant here in Houston, and wow he is soo handsome and tall. I thought my nephew would look more like my brother since my niece looks just liker her dad but my nephew actually takes after his mom a lot. I was sooo happy and excited to meet him and was beyond words. This is truly a joyous occasion that I will remember for the rest of my life. We have Sunday set up to meet again and go bowling. My only hope is that me and my nephew can forge a great bond 🙂


Missed Again

 Saturday I spent some time with my niece for the first time in forever. I took her to Rodeo In The Park at Kelsey Seybold, The Children’s Museum, and the movies because she hadn’t seen Dreamgirls. We had fun 🙂 While we were out I missed Bj call. Its funny because I was really looking forward to his call and I missed it again. The thing is I have Sprint and my cell rings when it wants to. I really hate Sprint service and a lot of people be thinking i be igging them but its not me its the phone. I actually had it out with a guy I was talking to a couple of months ago because he said my phone was ringing and I never would answer and he had called me several times. The thing is my phone never rang and he did not believe me.  I didn’t even know anyone had called until I went to use my phone it said no service, so I turn it off and turn it back on, and after I turn it back on then my phone starts going off like crazy from all the voicemails that was sent to me. Crazy.

But anyways, I missed Bj call and he sent me a message talking about I am ignoring him because I forwarded his call to my voicemail ( I didn’t was the phone) and he guesses I don’t want to talk to him anymore and he apologizes deeply for what I am feeling. Yadda yadda Yaaa. I was waiting soo long for him to call me and when I missed his call I started thinking maybe that was for the best and maybe I should just let him go and move on.

In other news, I started talking back to Rich again. I dont know why and what for. It seems like when I get lonely I tend to fall back on him and he really ain’t no one to be falling back onto. He fools me everytime because he will start off talking to me like he got some sense and then he results back to being immature and pathetic. I love him soo much. I mean I figured out I spent close to 7 years with him and that means a quarter of my life was spent with. Thats a great deal! He concerns me because when I was talking to him he pointed out that he was thinking about just dropping in on me to see me. NO NO. I need to talk to him, because whether we cool or not you don’t just drop in on me at no point in time. I kinda feel sorry for him because he is going on 40 and has never been married . You would think he would look at that and be like what is up with me? I don’t think he knows what love is. He tells me that I never loved him. I mean Stevie Wonder could see that I did love that boy. I mean I loved him more that I loved myself. One day I shall learn.


We Made Up

Me and my aunt that is ….NOT me and the ex!!!! LOL. I called her this week and she was like she hadn’t called because she erased the voicemail that I had sent her giving her my new number and she was waiting for me to call. I don’t believe that for one minute but I didnt tell her that. I knew her girlfriend had something to do with her not calling me but I let it go….for one yesterday she told me how her gf be trying to point out some things about our family to make her see that we don’t love her. She tells my aunt that she is the one always calling us and we don’t call her so I think she had my aunt waiting around to see if I was gonna call. I don’t like games or being played with but I still just let it go. I dont like her girlfriend because I dont like sometimey smile all up in yo face talk about you behind yo back folk and most of my family is like that which is why I stay to myself but I love my aunt to death. My aunt told me that her gf wanted to throw a superbowl party at my aunt house and invite all her co-workers and family but didn’t want my aunt to invite any of our family to her own house . What the fcuk is that?? I told my aunt the reason I don’t really want to chill with ya’ll is because I know she is like that and I don’t need her smiling all up in my face knowing she don’t like me. My aunt just said you gotta ignore her because she bi-polar and you should know how to deal with bipolar people since Rich was lol …whatever her girlfriend got my ex by about a million hands down.

In other news I still haven’t called Rich but he did leave me a message on my other phone, the one thats broke, saying “God led him to call me” and “God wanted me to see how you were doing” LOL..that dude has issues. He has soo much pride and for what?? That pride is what got in the way a lot of times because he always gotta be big and bad with me..if I am your girl you shouldn’t have to be like that with me like that with them negros on the street but not your woman. Anyway I fear he is not going to get it together in time. He definitely IS gonna realize one day what he had and that this “sideline ho” don’t really love him like I did then its gonna be tooo late toooo late. When he is ready to be the man I want him to be I will have moved on by then because he is just not getting it. Its not all about him. I was your Queen.

I am really feeling Monica new cd The Makings Of Me 🙂

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBorn in Houston in the fall of 1981, Beyonce Giselle Knowles started performing at age seven. From dance classes to singing in the church choir, Beyonce was a natural. She and cousin Kelly Rowland met Latavia Roberson during this time, and the trio formed a group with Letoya Luckett. Mathew Knowles, Beyonce's father and Rowland's legal guardian, signed on to be the girls' manager. This situation would ultimately lead to the formation of one of the most popular female R&B groups of all time -- Destiny's Child. Destiny's Child made its debut 1990 and within ten years, the vocal act had experienced personal and political highs and lows that fueled the group's desire to make it big. Destiny's Child sold 33 million albums worldwide by 2002 and earned a slew of Grammys and additional music awards. "Jumpin' Jumpin'," "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Say My Name," and "Survivor" were smash hits, and the group appeared unstoppable. In 2001, Beyoncé, Rowland, and Michelle Williams allowed themselves a break from the singing group and tried their hands at individual solo careers. Before landing several movie roles, Beyoncé became the first African-American female artist and second woman ever to win the annual ASCAP Pop Songwriter of the Year Award. An appearance in the MTV drama Carmen: A Hip Hopera quickly followed, but it was her role as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember in 2002 that eventually moved Beyoncé from the stage to the screen. Her first single, "Work It Out," coincided with the release of the Mike Myers comedy and cemented her celebrity status. A guest spot on Jay-Z's "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" was equally popular when it appeared in October. In 2003, she rejoined Jay-Z for her proper debut single, the funkadelic "Crazy in Love," as the press and fans christened her a bona fide star. Beyoncé's debut album, Dangerously in Love, which appeared in June 2003, featured collaborations with Sean Paul, Missy Elliott, and OutKast's Big Boi. The multi-platinum album spawned a total of four Top Ten singles. Nearly two years after another Destiny's Child album (Destiny Fulfilled), Beyoncé released her second album, B'day. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide... website statistics