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Hi, I’m Christina, and I am a Snob

HI, CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

I called my Aunt today. I don’t know. I kind of missed the old gal. I read a quote the other day about life being bland or other and people add the flavor. I believe at age 26 and after oh soo many loss of loved ones I do get it. I used to be like “oh I got my man (but where is his ass now?) and I don’t need them” or “Oh them people don’t even much care about me, they don’t even call me” “They just happy to be rid of me”. Maybe its all me. Maybe that isn’t what it is. I don’t know but I guess it isn’t right for me to just sit around expecting people to call me and to go out of their way to be apart of my life and to show me they care. I am not used to it, but I am going to have to make more of an effort too if I want to stay in contact since these people got this idea in their head that I want to be left alone. Baby steps.

But anyways I call her. She didn’t answer at first, but she called me back after about 30 minutes. We started talking and gossiping like old times. I shared with her the fact that man I feel soo alone in this world sometimes and basically she said to me I seem like I don’t like people. That hurt. It is true that I have never been much of a people person. I am quiet and to myself most of the time but I never want to give off the vibe, especially to my family, that I don’t like them. She was like yea you seem kind of snobbish and act sometimes like you don’t want to be bothered. Man I have been hearing this shit since I was a kid. I have been called a bitch and stuck-up all throughout my childhood. However to me it is just a presumption some people make before they get to know me. I don’t think I am better than anyone. I just come across that way to some people.

Wait a minute. I did a yahoo search on the word snob and came up with this:

How To Prevent Acting Snobbish

Sometimes people act snobbish because they really are snobbish, while others just seem to come across as a snob without intending too. Whether you really are snobbish at heart or not, follow these steps to prevent yourself from acting snobbish.

Ok so lemme read on and see if I am really a snob or if I just come across that way??? I mean I wanna know now.


  • Understand that most people view a snob as someone who thinks that they are better than most other people are. Sometimes this reflects the person’s background, such as how their parents raised them or their financial status. On the other hand, a snob might think they are smarter intellectually than others are.

Now, I definitely don’t think I am better than anyone. Honestly. I am pretty great but I know there are people somewhere in this world ( I mean its quite funny I haven’t come across them tho..just kidding) that look better than me and are way better off than I am . However I admit my attitude does say differently sometimes. I do carry myself in a way that could be considered having my nose in the air but thats just my swagger. Sorry you don’t like it but It’s all an act. Its hard for me to just relax and be myself around people unless I really really know you and am comfortable around you. Soooo wow I am really getting to know myself right now and trying to be my own psychiatrist. LOL, but I guess my psychiatrist would say that the way I carry myself is just me hiding behind my own insecurities and where some people you see carry themselves with confidence mine just comes across as being arrogant instead of confident all because I don’t smile with it. I think thats it. Its all because 1. I’m quiet. 2. I am too much off to myself. 3. I have a hard time smiling. 4. I am not friendly. And if I carried myself the same way I do now and talked more to people, wasn’t soo much to myself, and smile more and befriended them my snobbishness would then be viewed as a confidenct butterfly. To sum this all up I should smile more I guess and adjust my attitude.

I also think this is really also just something else that I inherited from my father’s side(I get all my bad traits from him). I have heard comments from my mom’s side of the family that his family are a little stuck up. Also when I look at my niece who is my brother’s child I see parts of myself in her. She is 11 and her mother has said people see her sometimes as thinking she is all that when she really is a sweetie pie. I do see it tho. Its just the way she carries herself. She walks tall with her head held high but like me she doesn’t have a smiley disposition so she always looks bored. When I take her out I am always looking at her to make sure she is entertained and if she is having fun it doesn’t really show on her face. So I always ask “D you ok?” She tells me “I am fine. I am having fun.” I try to smile more but It is soo hard. I have to always have my mind on smiling for me to just look like that. And I am sorry but life is moving too fast for me to just always be self consciously thinking about smiling. Too much work. I smile and then a few seconds later I am right back to my regular ole mean mugging bored as hell look.


  • Remember that you should accept other people for who they are. The world would be a very boring place if everyone was the same. People are different and that’s what makes them who they are.

I do accept people for who they are thats why I don’t understand why people don’t just accept me for who I am …NEXT!


  • Respect everyone you meet. This doesn’t mean that you have to be their best friend, but say “hello,” smile and be friendly. Show a genuine interest in other people and show concern for issues that they may be dealing with. Have concern for people’s feelings.

I could use a little work on this but if anyone goes out of their way to talk to me I do smile and greet them with a warm hello. I do show concern for peoples issues. I am sometimes blunt and direct so I could do a little better about having concern for their feelings but thats just me.


  • Look at yourself. Decide what makes you come off as a snob. Maybe you are so busy and thinking about your life, you don’t smile at people. This would make you look like a snob. On the other hand, maybe you grew up as a very popular person, and began to think subconsciously you were better than some people were.

The highlighted part is definitely me and my bf has told me that I look soo serious sometimes kinda like I wanna kill someone. I am such a serious person and I am an Aquarius remember so we smart, always thinking and creating new ideas so I don’t really have time to think about a smile and guess thats what it is all boiling down too. A smile. My Aunt even said I should smile more. Damn my father and his bad traits giving me his unsmiling grouchy face look.


  • Be outgoing when you are around other people. Be talkative and initiate conversations with people. Sometimes being shy and quiet can make people mistakenly think that you are actually being snobbish.

And this will never be me. I have come out of my shell a lot since school days but I have never been the talkative type. I am me. Its funny how this article says to accept people for who they are but I have to change me.

But to sum it all up yes I will try to smile more been trying to do this for years tho. To my aunt No I am not a snobb . I may have snobbish ways but if you take to time to get to know me and look past the exterior you may like what you see.

-The Farthest I Can Please You Is To Just Be Me. I Stay True And Say How I Feel .. And Thats Really Too Bad If You Don’t Like My Swag..



I am an Aquarius so I am always thinking thinking thinking which tends to cause problems for me because I get really depressed when I think and am faced with MY REALITY. I hate feeling sorry for myself. Like woe is me…nobody loves me…but after feeling that way and having a good cry about it I always somehow feel better.

I usually avoid this by trying to not think about the fact that I am lonely but when I think about it and I go over all that I have went thru and what I am left with I get depressed. I try to be optimistic about the situation like “oh God is blessing me to have a steady job and survive and be able to pay bills” but life is about more than just that isnt it.

When I overthink things too it causes problems for me and my bf because I push him away. I become afraid of someone else in this world leaving me yet again that I try to push him away before he leaves. I just don’t think that I could suffer thru it anymore. He always tries to convince me of how much he really loves me and he shoudn’t have to do that. One day I am going to push him away and he will be gone forever. Its happened almost twice already that I ran him off but he came back. My ex did this to me so I should know how it feels to be pushed away. I put up with it for close to 7 years and now I am treating my bf like this when he is a good person and doesn’t deserve it. He deserves to be happy which is why he shouldn’t be with me.

I do depend on my bf too much for my own happiness and I am afraid of that. He brings me soo much happiness and makes me forget all about my loneliness that if we break up I wouldn’t die but I would want to. I took a big lost when my father died in Sept and when me and my aunt fell out yet again because those two where the only ones that I felt who cared about me because they called and checked up on me a lot.

Lately I have been thinking, and yes my crazy self did tell my boyfriend this If he decided to one day kill me no one would miss me? No on in my family calls to check on me. I don’t have any friends. Lord my body could lay up in this house for at least a year and no one would even know it.

I mean what is it about me. God doesn’t give you too much to handle they say and I am able to handle it but why should I have to. I dealt with my mothers death, my brother’s death, me and my ex breaking up, my fathers death, me and my aunt no longer talking and having no friends.

When I went to my cousin’s wedding, I was embraced and I felt like I was apart of the family. People I haven’t seen in years was hugging me and looking at me strangely making it seem like I am the one being the outsider. They only know what they are told and that isn’t the case. They make it seem like I am the one that doesn’t want to come around. The only way I feel they should be able to say that is if they were actually making an effort too and I was not responding to their effort. No one calls me and no one invites me over on holidays and I think that is really shitty to be honest because they know that I don’t have any family so the nice thing to do would be to invite me at least. Thats what a family is supposed to do. Instead they leave me out and just go on about their business acting like “oh Chris just want to be by herself and she doesn’t want to come around us or whatever so forget about her.” At least thats what it seems like how they are acting.

I have always been kind of quiet and to myself so its hard for me to take the initiative but why is it soo hard for them to embrace me. On Independence day I pointed all this out to my bf he was like why don’t you call them. Why should I have to? He mentioned before that they were the big group so some shit about me having to go to the group instead of them coming to me. Umm okay so If I dont go to the group as you say they just leave me out. Why should I even care? I used to not care but like I said things have been difficult for me since I lost my father.

I been taking a long look at myself like what is about me that makes people not want to embrace me. As a child I was spoiled and I got all the attention. Everyone loved me. I had more friends in elementary school than I ever did. My house was the place to be. All that changed around the age of 11. I know I am not the friendly type but alot of people are not friendly and have alot of friends. Why can’t people accept me. I am not a bad person.

I love writing in this blog it’s soo therapeutic. I want to write more often but I am lazy. But yea even with this blog I have what 2 readers. I may have more but they don’t comment. I am thinking about just making it my own private blog since no one reads it anyway.

Maybe I should start a family of my own. I sound like one of them kids off of talk shows wanting to have a baby so that I could have someone to love me but no I want to have a baby to replace the family that I don’t have. I told the boyfriend I wish I could have 10 kids. If I had the money I would adopt all of the unloved kids in the world that have lost their family or have been thrown away and made to feel unwanted.

For those of you that have a loving family be happy about that. If you have an overprotective mother relish that. Don’t take that for granted please. You never know what you have until its gone.

Love Is…

Love is considered the most basic emotion that human awareness can feel; therefore, it is the closest to the source of life.”

–Deepak Chopra in Ageless Body, Timeless Mind


Where My Girls At?

From the front to side I hope you feeling that. With one hand back ……dun dun dun the dun???? ….oh well forgot the rest of the words to that song.

I don’t know where your girls at, but to answer that question I don’t have any. Yea Chrissy don’t have no friends….po’ me. I don’t know why I have always had a problem keeping friends. What is wrong with me??? I do know why I probably have a hard time finding them. 1. I am not the life of the party… that is not me. I am a downer not a upper. So I guess I am not too fun to be around. People are always asking me why I look mean? So I guess I am not really approachable either. Hell I have lived a depressed life…losing all of your immediate family will get anyone down. But even before the lost I was just a depressed kid. I inherited my dad grouchy look and I guess in a way I foresaw what was to happen in my future so I was already fucking depressed about it lol. 2. I don’t open up too easily. I am not really one to go around sharing my business to any and everyone. I am a private person. It takes awhile to get me to open up to people. That coupled with my mean mugging, pissed off look, have gotten me called stuck up bitch many a times without people even taking the time to get to know me . Oh well. But again why can’t I keep them? I can probably count on 1 hand how many close friends I have had in this lifetime and most of them was before the age of 11.

In elementary school, I was quiet and shy, but I was a pjkid (project kid) from birth to 11(when moms died I moved to the suburbs with my uncle) so everyone knew that and everyone in the hood knew me because there are some nosey people in the hood. You can’t live in the hood and not be known. People all knocking on your door asking for sugar and eggs- asking my mama can I come out to play? Hell just gonna force me to come out and play with you, right? Most of the time I didn’t even like to go outside which is how I probably managed to stay yellow until I hit my teenage years and then I turned into a sweet honey. Now when people see me that haven’t seen me in awhile they act all amazed like “dang you used to be soo yella” ( you know black folks hung up on color) “when you get darker?” You know they love that shit. Hating on a color? What Kat Williams say “nigga you gangbangin on bacon” lol . I am goofy in case you didn’t know. Yea but my ass knew how to stay out of that sun lol. So yea I was shy, high yella, chubby, cute chick in class. I wasn’t the most popular kid in the school…no that was the twins..but I was in that group. Thats always been me…never the most popular one but always in the popular click..just tagging along.

So it was about 4 of them that I hung with. We never hung out all together at once, because everyone liked me but no one really liked the other person all.of.the.time. Always falling out about something. So people always came and hung out with me because I didn’t get into it with anyone. I had no reason to. They always loved to come to my house for some reason. My mom was the nicest person on this Earth. Everyone that met her all have that to say about her and I guess their moms wasn’t having us bad azzes in their house. We really were good kids tho. There was me and my bestfriend Kiarr.a(spelling has been changed to protect little miss innocent). Wherever I went Kiarr.a was not far behind. My whole family knew her. She was there for all our get togethers. If I was ever without her they was asking about her. She spent the night over to my house on the weekends. I knew her from like the age of 5 or less. We was tight. Kiarr.a was a short, skinny, dark-skinned cutie who sucked her t.h.u.m.b. She was talkative, a little fast (way faster tha I was), thought she was the shit, and clung to me like glue.

The problem was no one really like Kiarr.a except me. None of my other friends would ever come around if she was with me. They say she started too much mess and would ask me why I hung around her in the first place. I don’t think she was one of the original pjkids either. See we all went to the same headstart which was in our complex and I don’t think she went there with us. She moved in the complex when she was about 5 I am thinking and see Kiarr.a had a lying problem as well. She was one of those people that would just make up shit. I guess to try to be liked but it just made people hate her. She would just say stuff to keep the conversation going and to make herself sound interesting. It’s funny as much as I hate liars now I just learned to ignore her. I just accepted her for who she was. One time this girl knocked on our door and asked us for a roll of toilet paper. We gave it to her. Why her aunt come knocking on the door not even 5 minutes later to return it to say they didn’t need it? What was that about? I guess she just wanted something to do.

But her lying-ness didn’t really affect me (her bff) until I was in 5th grade which was actually around the last time we would be seeing each other. My mother died in the summer of my fifth grade year. So maybe in essence she foresaw the future and knew we wouldn’t be really close anymore anyway so why not start mess about Chriss? What happened was she started going around spreading these lies about me being gay and me feeling on her booty when she slept over to my house. I mean the gall of this girl. I mean yea I felt on her booty but she felt on mine too (she conveniently left that part out lol). Tried to make it seem like I was this horny little kid that wanted her and she was all miss innocent on this. When we was around that age we all experimented on each other. Hide n Go Get It anyone? I never played that game. I promise. I was too shy to let the boys get me alone and hunch me. Terrifying!! LOL, I went home when they played it. I was scared of boys for a long time. I was boy crazy as hell but too shy to be around them. I used to hide from them. I was a scary little kid. Hell I was too scared of someone catchin me in the regular Hide n Seek game. Say “Boo” and i would jump. Matter of fact everyone used to do that to me “Boo!!” lol cuz I was scary. Of what, I don’t know. Back to the story but yea thats what most kids do when they developed hormones…..feel on each other. Its funny because I WAS the innocent one, them horny kids would always be like let’s try this or let’s try that and I would be lik “ok”. Thats me always going along. So that tramp hurt my feelings and I stopped speaking to her behind it.

I was a very forgiving kid, but I was not willing to forgive her for embarrassing the hell out of me in public. Hell I was already shy and here she go got people coming up to me asking me questions and stuff. Putting me on blast and stuff. We was sooooo close I let this little tramp read my diary ya’ll. Yea private me and its not enough that she told people that I felt on her nooo she had to go spill the contents of my diary to the whole school. Everyone knew who my crushes was (the horror), who I secretly didn’t like (so Christina you don’t like me now?) . I mean it was just ONE BIG MESS started by one small little person that I wanted to strangle. She lucky I am not a fighter I would have kicked her tail. No,I just stayed the hell away from her.

It’s funny during all this mess she was starting, she was trying to act all like little miss innocent. Still knocking on my door, smiling in my face, asking can she spend the night (for what so I can feel on your booty some more) so she made me confront her about it and she denied it. How can you deny that? It was really nothing to deny. You the only one that read my diary. She tried to say some other girl in the project complex next to us I barely spoke to spread the rumors on me being gay so me and another friend of mine went over there to confront this girl that had nothing to do with it. I was all trying to give miss innocent the benefit of the doubt here even tho it didn’t make no sense. The other girl simply just confirmed to us what Kiarra had told them. I can just picture them all sitting around not having a thing to talk about and her starting to yack about me. What did I ever do to you?

So when our mothers learned we wasn’t speaking they wasn’t having it. Kiarr.a mother carried herself over to my house with Kiarr.a and gave us this speech on how we been friends forever and we gonna grow old together and I really don’t remember but they  made us hug and make up and when this tramp left out of my house she left saying “she still gay.”It’s all funny now but back then no..not soo funny.

So we had stopped talking, my mom died, and I moved across town to the boondocks. The last time I saw her was at my mom funeral. I tried to keep in contact with her but we just lost contact. The last time I spoke to Kiarr.a was a few years back she looked me up and called me. I got home one day from work and saw her younger brother name on the caller id and it brought a smile to my face. I was like what tha hell? So I called her back and we ended up talking for a long time reminiscing. She brought up the question ” You remember when we used to get booty?” and started laughing. I like that. I love people that are real. Anybody else just try to pretend they didn’t do stuff like that but not Kiarr.a. I didn’t get a chance to ask her about why she had started all that mess between us. We kept in contact for a couple of months. She has a son. She’s was really out of my league with the stuff she was talking about so she did most of the talking and I would just listen when she called. She mostly talked about messing with old dudes and getting their money. I couldn’t relate. I lost my cell phone and got a new one soo we lost contact. I would like to get back in contact with her tho.

Well damn. I guess since she was my very first bestfriend she deserved her own post. I’ll make a part II post laters.



T.G.I.F ..well not quite but hell we almost there.

Nothing much going on but just felt like writing. Just got off the phone with my co-worker who wants to bring me some movies. She raved about King Kong earlier this week and said she was going to bring it to me on Friday and true to her word she didnt forget. I didnt even ask her to bring it to me she just offered. I love when people stay true to the word. It gives me a nice feeling . Yea its a small thing but I have been let down soo much in life I think I am just surprise when people follow through with what they say however small. Usually people say they are going to do something..I am like yea ok thats nice and then I forget about it .But anywhoo she called to ask if I wanted her to bring any others so she is bringing me Saw I and Saw II ..never heard of those either like I told her I cannot remember the last time I caught a movie.

I have not spoken to Amy in ages. It seems since she got fired we have kinda grown apart. She always call me at a bad time and when I call her she has to let me go and never call back. I text her she dont text me back but I dont sweat it, but shiit she always talking about somebody using her azz and I am on her cell phone plan and I kinda feel funny like I am using her for her cell phone now since we dont speak now. Boo say I am not using her its just business. Yea but I dont know she might feel like I am just using her for the phone now …who knows…but I hardly ever use the cell and to be honest its convenient but I can do without it because I am not much of a phone person. I am grateful for the phone but I didnt originally want it but when everybody was jumping on the Nextel bandwagon she begged me to get one with her lie..I can just as easily go back to prepaid. Cingular has the best plan however I liked it better when It was ATT Go Phone.

My Aunt P left a message on my cell yesterday if I would help her pack this weekend. I would however I think I am turning into a hermit because I really dont like to leave my house on the weekend… but true. I might go help her even though when I asked her to help us move she said she would but left for Dallas the weekend we moved. That sucked.

I think I am going to turn in early tonite. Having a lot on my mind lately…until next time



A lot of Work

We were able to gain access to the townhome on Tuesday and lets just say it needed a lot of work, but we are almost done. I have shopped at Home Depot in one day more than I have ever shopped their in my entire life. Painting is hard work. Then I went back to the store to get the paint that I thought was Wedding White but turned out I actually had gotten Off White the first time and ya know paint cant be returned once you have them mix it. I thought I was going to go in that place and show my color but It was cool. All it took was a little, not much, insistance. Mgr was real cool about it so that was great.

I am soo ready for this month to be over with. Sometimes I wish I was that lady off of Bewitched that can just snap her fingers and wiggle her nose and everything is just magically fixed to her liking. I told Baby I wanted to move our stuff in this weekend. Why did I tell him that because now he is moving like Speedy Gonzalez in the new townhome and I am sitting her in the old apartment not able to catch up. I still have soo much left to pack and I am sitting her messing around on the computer….

In the old apartment I called the office for them to fix some stuff before we move out and they havent fixed it yet. I guess once they receive notice that you are moving out and receive your last month rent they dont give a damn about you. Probably planning on sending me a bill in the mail for it after I move out. Shitty apartments..

Talked to Amy yesterday. I didnt hear my cell ring because I didnt know the volume was turned down but it sounded when she left a message. I checked my message before calling her to hear her say ” I got fired today call me when you get this message . Bye.” Facial Expression was like and then ( and felt like That job is just not going to be the same without my little homie. How the fugg you gonna fire somebody for a fugging hold time. You fugging idiots. She didnt make her hold time for the month. This job and their dumb quotas. I have never worked at a job that had as many fugging quotas as this one.

They want us to be at 10 seconds hold time. Hell I didnt even make my fuggin hold time for this month. I was at 13 seconds. I was on a final written at the end of last year because my hold time was like 35 seconds. Then they put me on a overall final written which is something that my supervisor made up so he would not have to fire me. He asked me to be under 20 seconds hold time and he will let me make it with that.

Now….we have a new director. They moved the old director to another position. This is what everyone wanted. Me…I didnt like him but I been making it with him. I feel like this..The new director could be much worse and look havent even been there a whole week and she already fired my homegirl. She came over from CitiBank and you know CitiBank dont play when it come to service. Who’s to say I am not next. Just gotta put it in the Lords Hands. When one door closes the next one opens…..Until next time



Sooo Sad

Well our Parakeet Snowie died today…May She R.I.P. … Well I am not an animal lover soo I really dont feel anything. Boo love animals and he gets all bombed about anyone passing. We have had soo many deaths this year I tell you. His oldest aunt passed away last month and I am surprised he didnt take it as hard as I thought he would.I basically just told him that since losing my brother and my mother I think my feelings are dead to death. When someone tells me “oh so and so passed” I am all like ..”oh really…sorry to hear that…so n e way” I dont think that I am heartless but you just move on. When my brother passed away in 2003 my world stopped. After losing my mother he was all I had left……dont want to go down that road of pain right now maybe another day…

Snowie was Boo bird..I swear he want to turn our home into a farm if he could  I love that big heart of his..its just funny how he try to be all hard and manly all the time and yet luv him some animals..but yea I had just got off the phone with him when I was on my last break and he called me not even 10 minutes later telling me “Baby I got some bad news “sounding all sad and stuff…I had the phone on speaker cuz I was at Amy desk and I didnt want anyone to see the phone to my ear…(no cell phone policy at work)…he like “Snowie died ” I was like “Are you serious?”..Wait a minute “Damn are you crying?”  Ohhh Shiit its not funny..then Amy stupid azz gonna bust out laffin so I had to hurry up and get the phone off speaker than I ran off the call center floor to talk to him. If he would have known she heard him he would have been p’d off at me. But he was like “Naw you just get attached to shiit when you feeding them everyday and thangs…you aint never fed her so you dont care” Yea I do..I care it is sad shiit we only had that damn bird for a few months. ..Then I get off the phone with him and go to my desk and Amy come rubbing on my back talking about “its gonna be okay…I just aint never seen no one get upset about a bird’ She stupid I swear…

It was raining soo freaking hard today and I sit by the window at work. I was gettin cursed out by this white biitch on the phone ..ignoring her.. while I looked at the cars tryin to ride thru the waters and getting stuck..*in my ear* “YOU BETTER GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK OR I AM CALLING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL” Betta??? I felt like telling that women I aint betta do shiit but stay black and die…I swear this job kills me….I am like shiit I need to be at home cuddled up wit my man. I love the rain, but that lightnening was frightening….the computers went off for a second and everybody was like “Yes” then it came back on and then its “No”  I had to be careful driving home today because my car aiint got no breaks in the rain. I got in my first wreck last week. Hit this mexican biitch from behind and was soo scared to get home and tell Boo and he surprised me and was like ” I am just glad that you are o.k.  Not his “Blue” He didnt even want to check out the damage first.

Boo did kinda piss me off though cuz when I got home he didnt know what to do with the bird I was like damn I thought you would have took care of that by the time I got home because hell I didnt know what to do with it either. I asked him “Baby if something happen to Sunday (my cat) what we gonna do with her ?” Damn if something happen to my cat I would be dev-a-sta-ted..Man that cat gets on my nerves but it would be quiet around here without her. …She like my baby and Yea now I know I was wrong for suggesting he throw it away. …Boo looked at me like he wanted to say damn biitch do you have a heart…I wonder about my heart sometimes…but hell we aint got no back yard ..soo we ended up burying it in the apartments by the pool… I was like the maintenance men gonna end up digging it up prolly n e way when they do the gardening but hey we tried  I just wonder what made her croak. Boo saying “Shiit I need to stay away from animals ..thats the second one that done croaked on me…

Until next time 


2 days in a row ..not bad

Other than me being my usual 20 minutes late for work ( I was knocked tha f*uck out , today was aiight. It just dragged and dragged and dragged until it could not drag no more.. This job is really racking my nerves, but I thank God for the job . Mr B gave me HIS LOOK today when he came in today and goes “uh-uh you need to change your schedule” Noooo I dont want tooo. Dont make me..I am soo sad I know it. He just worried about me getting fired over my adherance. Yea I know I need to adhere to my schedule. He suggested a 9 to 6 schedule but I like getting off at 5 pm I just hate coming in at 8 am. Yeah me gettin to work at 8:20 does seem like changing to 9 will be more beneficial to me, but its not the schedule its me. I do a 9 to 6 then I would be getting to work at 9:30. I just need to get to bed earlier, but I am a night owl. If it wasnt for the sup that I have boy I would have been sooo gone like “NEW MONICA”I need a new cell. I be gettin my messages like a day late and shiit. I want this bad boy right ‘chere That Nextel i870.


BAM! I love this phone. My i730 is crap. I fell in love with this phone when my co-worker bought it to work a couple of weeks ago. They are really gettin to high-tech with these phones. It got a camera,video,mp3 player, and its blue-toothed enabled. Honestly I would be happy with my old phone if it wasnt soo crappy but its got to go. How can you get text messages 3 days later…. yeah okay..But yea I am soo tight with my money I cant see myself paying 400 dollars for a phone….no siree.Amy said she ordered one for me today because she so called got the hook up. I was like yea okay.. how much I owe you? She come back with dat slick shiit “how much you wanna owe me” Hey we girls so how about make it free. Black folks love free stuff dont we.  …75$ dollars is a steal…compared to 400.00 had to talk her lower though to 50$ cuz my azz is we gonna see if she come thru on dat one .You know sometimes it pays to hang out with snakes..just joking…just dont get snaked . Its a cute azz phone though, but I know Baby gonna flip the hell out if he see me walking in da house with another phone. Everytime he turn around I got another phone. Folks be donating they phones to me or sumthin . Yea he gonna have a ton of questions…yea yea..Number one: He dont like for no one to give me iiish…and I dont either and Number 2 He dont like me gettin caught up in no shiit so I know where he coming from on that point. But we’ll see…

Monday down..Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 2 go ..Until Next Time


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