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So I don’t think i posted about this yet but I found out in September that my landlord has not been paying the mortgage on my rental and it  is actually in foreclosure at the moment. Soo I am one of the latest victims of the mortgage crisis they got going on right now.

I found out after Hurricane Ike hit us, because there was some man who knocked on my door looking for apartment 4. I was  like umm, what are you talking about?  There is no apartment 4. I live in a Townhouse but its like  a four-plex. We all have the same address followed by a b c or d. So I told him that. He then proceeded to tell me that the house was in foreclosure and the landlord had not been paying the mortgage on it for a good 6 months. I was totally in shock about this because I know I pay my rent on time every month so where the hell was my money going right?? I later figured out that the address probably had a 4 on it because there are 4 units duh!! I guess the man had some eviction notice in hand and told me he was just going to take 4 as meaning D since D is the 4th letter in the alphabet I guess and put it on D door. I was like whatever do that then but he did advise me maybe I shouldn’t pay the man anymore rent. Really and truly the move out letter should have been posted on everybody door but the man only had one letter ha.

The guy in D has since moved out. My boyfriend knows him pretty well . He is the man you want to go to for whatever your pleasure may be. He moved across the parking lot to another one of the townhouse buildings over here. I guess he didn’t want to play with them folks and if it was me hell I would  not have either but now what about the rest of us?

I spoke to my landlord a couple of times. Of course he acted confused like he didn’t know what was going on . Hummm ummmm..sure guy but I continued to pay my rent for September and October. I started getting all the letters in the mail from lawyers addressed to him wanting to help him. I called him about that too and I guess still in denial he was like oh don’t worry about that I got it under control. Humm ummm…sure guy.

Soo in November I ended up calling him yet again  to fix my back yard fence  which has been destroyed since September due to a lot of rain we were getting. It was not strong enough to hold up and eventually fell. I called him about it on several occasions before and he did not get it done. The dude in apartment D had it fixed for us a couple of times. I guess he paid a crack head to  rig it up but it kept falling and I was tired of people just walking through my yard from across the street where there are other houses trying to get a short cut to the store or whatever. Also i wanted him to get someone to mow my lawn which has also not been mowed since September and to tell him about the tree that had fell in apartment A’s front yard because of the hurricane that had not been removed yet. I mean there are like 10 buildings over here where I stay but they are all privately owned with different landlords and our building looks like crap. We look like the unloved step sister of the neighborhood because he has not been keeping up the maintenance.

Well anyways he then proceeded to tell the truth…finally. He is not able to fix anything else on the property yadda yadda yadda I don’t know why but he started telling me this sob story about them taking his home. I mean don’t get me wrong I have a heart and I feel for him but I hate liars. Don’t pretend to me like everything is honkie dorie when it isn’t and thats exactly what he did all the times that I had to CALL HIM to find out what was going on while he still accepting my money. He told me that apartment D had to move out (which I already knew) but he don’t know about the rest of us and he was trying to find out what was going with that. I asked him about the rent for November and he told me to go ahead and kept it so that I could have money to move and if I needed anything to just ask him. Fine.

Apartment D moved out in November. I kept the money for November and just waited around to find out if I should move or not. Don’t you know this fool call me like a week and half later and asked me to send him the rent. Yea he smokin. Whatever dude. That money went to pay a 300 dollar light bill you better gone with that. I guess after he could not get any more money out of me he didn’t want anything else to do with me because when I would call him and try to find out what was going on with the foreclosure process,  he pretends to not know. Fine dude whatever be like that then. The last time I called me he told me someone from the mortgage company will be getting in contact with me soon. About what I dont know he pretended to not know this. We almost to January and no one has contacted me and I don’t even know where to send rent even if I was going to. All I know is that I am not sending any more money to him and I hope A or B are not sending money to him either. I tried to talk to the dude in A (they are Asians) and they didn’t seem to know anything about what was going on . I bet they still giving that money but whatever.

I don’t know if I should move or what. Right now we have put some of the money to the side . I am trying to save for a little 2000 dollar or something car because I need another vehicle bad and I am hoping nobody comes knocking on my door about rent for the last couple of months because humm I don’t have it soo I been trying to read up online to find out what my rights were.  I read about some dude that lived in a foreclosure property for close to a year rent free. I don’t feel right about that. I just want to get a car and then probably bounce. If somebody would tell me what was up I would be paying rent but the landlord wanna act like an ass and not give me any info so whatever.

I have been reading a couple of people blogs and I know I am not the only one going through this right now only thing is my situation is a little more unique because I wasn’t thrown out like the guy next door was. Will see soon how this turns out. Anybody got experience with this and has advice let me know.



It shole is dusty up in here….. lol it has been a long time. I have thought about you diary just been busy with life not feeling like writing at all. A lot has been going on since last August that I haven’t had the opportunity to post about. Now things have settled down and I am back to not having a damn thing to write about but I will back soon to update with all the happenings soon. Been reading alot of other people blogs these past couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to update my own in the next few days. Stay tuned……


I Made The Decision

I spent this past weekend with BJ and I told him that I don’t think it was a good idea for us to see each other anymore until he finds employment. That was hard for me to do because I really like him and all and enjoy his company but I can’t go down this same road again. I gotta learn from my mistakes and I found myself not wanting to be around BJ because I felt like I was being stupid dumping one non-worker for another one. Haven’t I learned anything? At first, I was saying we could be friends because just getting out of a relationship I didnt want to jump into anything too serious anyway. I didnt see how I could deny friendship with someone just because they’re not working but I thought about it and thought yea I say we friends but he wants more and so do I . When we are together we don’t act as friends we act as if we are in a relationship so before I allowed it to go any further I cut it off until…..

I spoke to my landlord today and expressed my concerns about being able to stay another year and having to pay more. My lease isnt up until the end of February but I wanted to know if I should start looking for a new place or not. I haven’t saved up any moving expenses because I wasn’t planning on moving. She told me that she would just re-new my lease this month and have it expire next year so that way I dont have to worry about this new person and what their plans are. She was supposed to come by today with the new lease but I guess she couldn’t so she will probably come tomorrow..if not I will call her. As for my deposit, she stated I would get the deposit back from the new landlord. I was like they better not be taking nothing out of my deposit when I move because they dont even know the condition my place was in when I first moved in and it wasnt to great. Me and my ex fixed the place up ourselves because we liked it. We had to clean it and paint and put new bathroom tile down. But que sera sera.

I am starting to miss Rich (the ex) less. I just simply take my mind off of him and it helps that I changed my cell phone number. I kept my other line the same but I don’t use that line it goes straight to voicemail so if he really wanted to get in contact with me he could leave a message, but me changing my number seems to have stopped me from calling him. So I am proud of myself.


Changes In My Life

If I hate anything its change. I feel like if it aint broke then don’t fucking fix it, but if its one thing that remains constant in my life it is change.

My job is making a lot of changes in February and unfortunately I having to change my schedule from 8 to 5 to 7 to 4. Now the upside of this is I’ll be getting off earlier but I will also be waking up earlier and anyone that knows me knows that I am not a morning person. Everyone is like you can’t get here at 8 so how are you going to get here at 7. I think it might be better for me because I will definitely have to get in the habit of waking up early now when before I would just wake up 30 minutes before I had to be to work and stroll in there at 8:30 like I was ontime or something. Now with having to be to work at 7 I can’t get up no later than 6 now . That sucks because I like to stay up late so Imma have to be in bed mos def by 10 now. I should have been trying to change my schedule to 9 LOL but I know me it dont matter what I change my schedule too I’m going to be late to my own damn funeral. New schedule starts in February so will keep you posted.

My landlord called me yesterday and said she wanted to come by and take some pictures of my townhouse because she is planning on selling it in January. That dramatically sucks because my lease is up at the end of next month so I have to decide if I want to deal with a new landlord or not and gotta worry about if they gonna raise the rent on me or what. I was not planning to move so I haven’t saved up any kinda moving expenses so If they decide to raise the rent…..GOD NOOOO!!! Pray about that please!! I might have to grin and bear it. Also I need to know how I would be getting my deposit back and everything if I stay and its gonna be a new person that I am paying rent to? Soo confusing…

My aunt is not talking to me anymore and I don’t know why and I am being stubborn and not calling her also. Its kinda obvious that she is not talking to me because she used to call me every other morning to wake me up before work. I know her gf does not like me so I dont know if she has been filling her head with b.s. or not but oh well. I am pretty much in this world by myself. People are soo fickle.


Am I unemployed?

Oh Gosh do I still work. I need to get back into the swing of things because cutting my own paycheck in half is not going to git it

Rocky is getting soo big. Lastnight when Baby was in the shower and I was on the computer I am chillin thinking Rocky somewhere chillin in a corner curled up sleep…but noo Baby come out the shower and is like Boo come look at where Rocky is . Rocky done climbed the stairs I am like damn aint u a big boy He looked soo funny trying to climb the stairs.He puts his front 2 feet on a step and then tries to pull the back two legs up. I am like aww man thats kinda scarey because he can easily slide back and bust his azz on the floor. He keep trying to do it too and the next time he did it he almost ended up at the top of the stairs. Climbed the first set of stairs and was climbing the second set. Ya know our staircase curves around. Funny and not soo funny at the same time Mr BusyBody.

Trying to figure out what to do . Already 1 and have not gotten dressed yet. Time sure flies when u not at work dont it ? I need to stop by Trang store and drop off the rent. She had me sit the dryer outside lastnite for her husband to pick up so its on its way to being fixed. Refrigerator is empty so gotta go take care of that. Need a refill and manicure but its not in my budget, Baby get paid today so hoping he can be nice and treat me Need to stop by the bank and I would like a new outfit. Man I really need to carry my azz to work because my money is not looking right. I been taking full advantage of that Auto I tell ya. Wednesday sup goes we got PRE AUTO for health and dental for thurs and fri and dont u know I put my name on both those sheets of paper He was like I though u would just take half a day… but u cant say no can u? I really cannot. I say Mr B if ya got Auto next week dont tell me about it because I am going to be glued to my seat next week. I refuse to move. I only worked 1 day this week. What tha hell??? And shiit always comes up in this household with the price of lights and gas I needs to not be taking noo days off.

I need to see a dermatologist because my face is back breaking out and I been drinking mad water and laying off the soda. Its a bunch of crock. Baby done cleared his face up beautifully. They gave him the strongest medicine pills they got on the market say if u pregnant or your girl pregnant u cant even have sex or gotta be safe because the pills cause birth defects. But them pills did wonders on his face. I need to put my insurance to use.

My sex drive for some reason is like supa dupa high and baby cannot keep up and its pissing me off I want it like everyday. We done flipped the script because at first when I was younger he always wanted it and I didnt . I used to not even like sex maybe for like the first 2 years in our relationship. I think my stuff was too tight and we wasnt using nooo lubrication because it hurt like hell and doggystyle I could not bare BUT NOWWWWW!!! Shoot I dont know what happened but I would have it everyday if I could and now he is the one thats always tired. I tried to talk to him lastnite like what is it is it boring ?? I can get the lotion and the toys. He is sooo not into that. Just str8 fuccing for him . Me , I am willing to try new things to spice it up but he not into all that. He say he just tired. Been working late hours I understand. Maybe because I havent been going to work I got all the energy now *lightbulb just came on in my head*
Lemme go handle my chores. Until next time



Memorial Day Update

Well almost did not have a Memorial Day due to the fact of the rain but it ended up stopping. Picked up father around 2 so as u can see we got a late start on the party. I hate going to my dads house. His brother girl has such a foul mouth. Ex:My dad had went inside the house and was taking awhile to come back out while we were waiting for him old lady have the nerve to tell me he prolly in there beating his meat. Nasty azz. I told that biitch thats my daddy I dont wanna hear that shiit. Always asking when we are going to invite her and my uncle over to our house. If u acted like u had some damn sense I would not mind inviting u because we hardly get company anyway but she foul. Then she want to blow her hot azz breath in my face talking and spitting and telling me how pretty I am getting touch feely. I be wanting to tell that old drunk lady to get out my face but try to respect the old drunk elderly.

Back at our house ya know dad hasnt been there since he helped us move so he liked how we had it decorated and said he liked this place betta because we not around Mexicans like before. He’s a racist… Mostly blacks and Asian where we live. I think Asians used to own these Townhomes and then they moved out and rented them out to blacks but you have a few Asians that have remained. I like it over here because its pretty quiet and private. Nice small community. Soo we got to dranking and the bar b q came out burned due to baby fuccing with my drunk self. I take full reponsiblity for messing up the bbq but he didnt blame me when it was all done he was just like ” I dont think my bbq came out that good this time “

His bbq be soo good sometimes he should open up a restaurant and would have probably been that good if he was not running upstairs to see about me but I was chugging them beers down and I hardly drink more than 3. think maybe I had 5 of the 16 oz and I usually have the 12 ounces.

Well I ended up upstairs and my drunk azz started to talk to my dad n baby from my bedrooom window. I had my head leaned out the window and they was in the backyard. Why did I break down crying hollering about I MISS MY MOMMA!! Oh boy then I got daddy crying and baby the one normally cant hold his liquor looking at us both like oh boy …
Baby came upstairs being his usually unsympathetic self saying I am spoiling the party wanting me to come down of course I refused and he made me cry more soo I started with the NOBODY LOVES ME!!! spill .You know when u drunk your TRUE feelings start to REALLY come out . I acted a fool I aint gone lie. Its been years since I got like that. Baby sent daddy upstairs to talk to me and then I was embarrassed ..we sat there and cried..and then I told daddy I was o k and to go back downstairs outside to enjoy hisself. Baby came back upstairs telling me he loved me and ya know drunk people I ended up throwing THAT OLD SHIIT in his face which he did not appreciate but he finnally convinced me he loved me and I came downstairs. Pathetic hunh ??? Yep.

Note: ****Feeling unloved is a motherfucca. The worst feeling in the world and will drive a motherfucca insane to drugs sex suicide. All of that. I understand how a person can be driven to that because I sometimes think about doing that shiit, but u gotta be strong and I need to put GOD in my life and know that HE loves me . ****

Ok but the party resumed after Queen Christina finished pooping on it . Sorry guys But spent the rest of the night drinking listening to music and dancing. Dont usually dance around my dad..He kept saying my baby , she got a lot of my ways in her My daddy think he still got it . He is an old playa from tha himalayas

Note :***Dont u hate when u typing in ya blog and your post just disappear Thats what happened soo trying to remember what else was on my mind ***

Everything was cool until taking my father back 2 tha house I started coming down off that high. I havent been hung ova in ages. I had my head in baby lap while he was driving moaning and groaning soo much u would have thought I was dying. Dad made Baby stop at the store to get me a coke said it would help me but it didnt. I was too full to drink that coke. Spent the car ride with my head stuck out the window on the freeway the whole way there and it killed my hang ova. And that was my Memorial Day.

Note: ***Chrissy going thru some thangs right now but I have faith that I am going to get thru and end up on top. ***



My Lord

I am in love. I found this Suave Limited Edition Seasonals Whipped Cocoa body lotion at the dollar store today and it smells delicious. Make me wanna got out and get a 3 Musketeer from the store. Smells just like chocolate Imma have to lotion up when I get out the shower tonite. I love smell goods.

Had to go dry my clothes at the washateria today. Landlord say she gonna have the dryer checked out next week. Why did I leave the house with 100 today and come back with 40. All I was supposed to do was dry clothes so I dont know where 60 dollars went
I cant go into a store without buying a new pair of shades. Every since I switched to contacts I been rocking the shades My collections has grown bigger than Boo’s.

Boo had made me soo mad today that I had to go take a walk. Getting mad over petty shiit. He needs to stop all of this controlling Bullshiit. I like the Townhomes across the way. They have some nice benches that I like to go sit at to relieve my mind…just listen to the birds and relax. Of course he figured out I was gone and wanted to call me acting stupid. Started not to pick up the phone . Sad to say but I think I need to detach myself emotionally from him, but thats hard for me to do because when I luv someone I luv hard..but I shouldnt allow anyone to make or break my day. I need to take more walks and take more time out for myself and I have been doing that lately. Need to remain mature and in control of my actions.. Sometimes he gets me soo mad to where I just sit and sulk. Just because he wants to be miserable does not mean I have to . Soo daTs why I took a walk to let the big bad wolf know. Negro you NOT going to mess with my day

I finally spoke to Daddy today.Daddy tried to get out of coming tomorrow claiming to be broke. He hasnt been over here since the time he helped us move. Same oh same oh saying he been partying with friends and spending all his money. Will he ever settle down? Feel like I am the parent worrying about my kids ripping and running the street at night. But convinced him to come.

Me and Boo been cleaning all day. That man can clean thats one thing I can say for him. He scrubbing floors and got me scrubbing walls …whooooooooooo I keep a clean house but he is a maniac…neat freak…How can u take 3 hours to clean the living room floor? ..Whats that disorder call..obsessive compulsive…I used to say I had that because I used to check to make sure I did something 50 zillion times not knowing if I did it or not.
Well tomorrow gotta get my cook on..Baby doing the Q’ing and I am handling the rest..Probably pick up Dad around 1…Dat Dat Dat Dats All Folk ..



Why dis lady send her husband ova her to fix the dryer knowing damn well he dont know how to fix shiit? Come pick it up and get it taken care of and stop wasting my time and yours. Talking bout he coming back at 2 in order to “look” <—-? at it . Its going on 4 now what? I soo hate having my evenings interrupted. Why when you call these folks to fix things they want to look at you like you broke it. Puh-lease give me a break.

Very restless right now. Need new starter for car. Warranty does not cover it. Mo money more problems. The Amp went bad …why didnt he tell me it was a used Amp? If I had a known that I would have told him to make damn sure It has some type of warranty on it before you buy it. Men!!! lPeople be trying to fucc over you. Just bought they Amp brought it to you to install and it stop working the next day and you say we cant get our money back. Are u freaking kidding me? Of course I had to go up in there and act like a biitch. One thing that makes me mad about that man. He can tell me what to do all day long but when it comes to money he lets folks rip him off. Dont do that !!! If I was him I would not have even got another Amp from them…would have took my money elsewhere. Got a brand new one this time.

I wonder if Daddy coming over this weekend. He said he was but he shole havent called. Imma call him and c whats up though. I aint for chasing no one even though he is my daddy. Just hate when people say they going to do sumthing and dont do it. Put it in the Lords Hands. Thats all I can do is pray for him because he acting funny. Something is up.

Baby bar b q this weekend. Might invite my Aunt over. She want me to start working out with her. Say D (her ex)  tried to turn off her membership with 25 (had to go back and read that I mean 24 )hour fitness and she went and politely turned it back on Crazzy!!I guess the girl figure since she not with my Aunt no more she gone cancel her membership. Shiit the membership free anyway…D job gets them a free membership. Not like she paying for it My aunt be getting caught up in some shiit. Told me she about to hit the lottery and make us rich. Hey just make sure you dont go in hiding..give me a call. I cant see spending my money on the lottery like that. I tried but just cant get in the hang of it. My whole family be doing that shiit.

Well aint nuttin going on but the rent. I wish I could go to the Essence music festival. Need to try calling 102 and winning some tickets ya know. They jammin that Charlie Wilson..gonna make me go out and buy that cd 102. His new song is jamming too. Now thats how you make a comeback Gap Band Lemme go back to cleanin my house …been taking too many breaks …


Played Hooky Today

Man I tried hard to not call in today but I did. We are on a point system at work in regards to when you leave early or miss work you receive points. You hit 15 points -you out tha door.So I finally got some points rolling off at work and I dont know how to act. I need to work the points down because I was at 14.0 points for a str8 month sitting there and couldnt even cough. Now I had a point roll off on Monday and put me at 13 and then on Tuesday Boo got off early so I left work early and we went shopping. I get them back to back soo Wednesday I had a 1/2 of point roll off that put me at 13.5 then I had 2 points roll off Thurs that put me at 11.5 and then I called in today so right back at 13.5 all because of Boo. That ceiling fan be blowing soo good and I be snuggled up under my favorite purple velvet comforter and Boo arms be wrapped tight around me and to me that puts me here—–>

Today we went and bought some household stuff . Ya know why are they building these dollar stores to look like grocery stores now. I was telling Boo today some of these dollar stores are way bigger than grocery stores now and when you go in there you cant find anything and there is not much thats a dollar. Well we went to this humongous dollar store on Hwy 6 today and everything was a dollar I couldnt get out of there with just the few things I needed and ended up spending close to 40 dollars there. From there went to Home Depot on seeing about building a privacy fence around our little yard so we went  to see how much it would cost us. Boo said he can build it himself so we shall see . Making improvements to a townhouse that aint even ours so I guess she can raise the rent when we move or better yet raise it on us if we renew which I love it here so I dont see why I wouldnt unless things go wrong on my job or his –God Forbid.

Also went back to Walmart to get the patio set for 88.00 dolllars that was a good deal that I couldnt pass up. I didnt think we would get the box in the car however Boo came up with the idea of taking everything out of the box in order to make it fit in the ride. DUH! And we set it up in the backyard and sat out there talking and enjoying the night..We have been having some gorgeous weather this past 2 days. Very windy and not hot and humid. I wish it would remain..

Trying to ween the dog off of milk and feeding it Science diet. He didnt eat much. He is scheduled to get his shots next weekend.

I am up cooking at 11.30 at night. Not really sleepy..Boo is passed out on the couch and Rocky is passed out on the floor next to him. I am making BBQ Pork Chops. I have made them before and they were pretty good….Tomorrow will probably watch the other movies that my co-worker borrowed me and may go get my daddy whom has not called me since Easter when I guess I pissed him off but I was still call him and see whats up…One Love..until next time



Today was one of my good days

Today was a good day

Snuggles up with Boo lastnite and Watched Saw I and Saw II. Saw I was a bit weird at first then it got kinda stupid then it started getting good then the end confused me Saw II was good. I was not expecting at all for the girl from Saw I to be behind the madness at the end. My co-worker bought me War Of the Worlds and some horse movie with Dakota Fanning today because I told her that I liked her as an actor. Boo goes tell ya co-worker to stop bringing you those movies because we can get our own damn movies. Whut-Ever!

Boo got off early today so I left early today and we ended up going shopping something he normally doesnt do with me. I am a shopaholic and any other time he refuses to go with me but today we went into soo many stores that he tired the shopaholic out and had me crying to go home We were looking for a new Entertainment center because the one we have is cool to me but its kinda of cracked. When we moved him and my dad had dropped it and it will do but ya know when money burns a hole in your pocket you will figure out anything to spend it on. We found a nice one at Wallmart for a little over 100 but I think that its going to be too big and will cause me to have to find another place for my computer desk which I can do but Boo say he likes it where it is. We went to SuperTarget and they have some nice iish but more than we wanted to spend and went to a couple of furniture stores and found one that will probably work but I was the smart one and was like lets go home think about it and if we still want it we will come back and get it later on in the week. Also found a patio set for 88.00 dollars at Walmart that I liked to put in the backyard might have to go back for that joker as well….that was a damn good deal on that After all that shopping ended up with a couple of toys for the dog and I bought a black shag rug to go by the front door and some Timmy Chans so I wouldnt have to cook.Oh and the dog has been sleeping a full night without whining. Boo ran into a lady at the store that told him to put some socks in his crate to remind him of his littermates and some of Boo clothes so he can smell his scent and to put a clock under a pillow which reminds him of his mothers heartbeat and my gosh it worked )

I still fill as if I am going thru the motions at this point with a wait and see attitude in regards to my relationship with Boo because I really dont know whats going to happen. I have forgiven him but am still cautious.   We shall see…until next time



Rocky Is Here.

Finally got his Rottweiler. As much as I hate dogs I love this one I think it has a lot to do with half of my money going towards the little pup so ya know when you buy something you value it more.

How did I know he was going to be soo indecisive on choosing one. When I called the man I asked how many do you have. He said 9. Good Lawd I was hoping he said 2 and even with 2 it would have been a hard decision for him
Went a little like this for an hour.

Me: Ok which one you like Boo?
Boo: I dont know which one you like?
Me: They all look the same to me.
Boo: I want one thats going to be big
Me: Ok well this one is the biggest one..get this one.
Boo: Its a boy. I want a girl.
Me: Ok Well this is the biggest girl..choose this one.
Boo: Yea but should I get the is bigger.
Me: Ok go ahead and get the boy then.
Boo: But I want a girl
Me: Cool then get the girl and lets go.
Boo: Which one do you like.
Me : It dont matter to me you the one that wants the dog. Whichever one is fine as long as you are happy with it.
Boo: But its gonna be your dog too so I want you to choose.
Me: Ok get the boy then he is cute and he is the biggest.
Boo: Ok.
*he pays the man*
Boo: Well let me look at them again side by side
*takes the boy and the girl out of the room of puppies and goes back and forth again about which one he should get*

Finally he walks out with the boy and now a day later he is saying he should have got the girl because he dont get along with boy dogs. I was reading on the net how boy rottweilers are more agressive than females now he wants to return it for the girl. I’m like I dont think it works that way. I am indecisive too but after soo long I am like ok lets get it n go. We are like that with everything. Everytime we go pick out furniture together its never choose and go. Its always such a chore because he dont know what he wants and I dont know what I want but we want both of us to be happy and agree with whatever we choose.

And this little joker to be only a month old is already feisty. I am like ya sure this Rottweiler is not going to grow up and eat us..shiit. Already fighting back and trying to bite and barely got any teeth. I think we should have got the girl too. We had a girl Rottweiler named Racquel ( I named her) and I didnt want her either but I grew to like. Baby always has to convince me on the dog issue and then when I give in I start liking them. I think deep down inside I am a dog lover. I had dogs all through childhood because my mama loved them so we always kept one until they ran away or we gave them away. But anyway Raquel was a sweet dog. I really did miss her when she passed. I think this one is going to be more agressive than Raquel though.

We supposed to be watching the movies today. We started watching Saw last night at around 11 it started off kinda weird, but Boo ended up falling asleep on the movie and I know he was tired because usually I am like ok I am about to turn it off because you falling asleep and he will wake up and be like no I am watching . Last nite I go I am turning it off lets go upstairs and go to sleep. He goes OK. Between dealing with that dog and cleaning up last nite we were both tired.

Oh yea and we got a new parakeet last weekend..actually two , a girl and a boy. Baby chose the girl and named her Snuey after Snowie our last parakeet and I got the boy and named him Bluedo. Mine makes a lot of noise and Boo bird dont ever speak so first I was like maybe it needs to adjust to its new cage but by now the bird should be chirping so I dont know.

Last night I didnt get any sleep because he must have whined alnight in that crate until Boo finally took him out and put the dog in the bed with us. I was like that dog better not pee or shiit on my new sheets or it is on. But he didnt. I dont think.

Ok thats all folks..until next time



The Devil Made Me Do It


Ok I guess i needed to calm the hell down. I was kinda upset there…just a tad. I guess you can never know someone as well as you may think you know that person. Daddy said dont let ya guard down babygirl. He may be right.

I’m on alert.

We got our commission report on Friday and man oh man my check next week is going to be FAAAAAT!. My mouth damn near dropped to the damn floor when Michelle gave me my report. I cant wait to see that check. That will be the biggest check I ever cashed. Ed passed my cubicle on Friday and had said Christina your commission is off the chain. I was like oh really now..but I didnt imagine it would have been that cold. I think they showed the whole side of my center my report before I could even view it. I was like can I trade the check we got just now for the one that we get next week, because I could really use some of that right now..I mean really. I knew it was going to be nice because I have been having a EXTRA month. Even my supervisor looking at me like damn what ya selling over there. I am a good salesman errr I mean saleswoman —- I rock

I cant believe I havent done my income taxes yet. Every year I procrastinate and hardly ever make the deadline…oh well. I need to go pick up that 1040 EZ form so I can get that done. You would think I dont need the money by how long it actually takes me to mail it off. Not the case. Just my slow behind..It doesnt take me long to do it at all.

Havent heard from Auntie yet. I guess she still mad about me telling her to mind her business. I wasnt even mean about it though. I just told her I dont want to discuss that with you. Cant please ’em all. I called her but she never home. She left me a message one day and wants me to call her at her girlfriends but I dont wanna call over there. Thats the same crazy lady that left us at the Chinese Buffet that she told me she wasnt gonna mess with no more. People makes me laugh sometimes. Try to give you advice on your relationship oh I wouldnt do that and hell no to this hell no to that and then start having problems in their own. ..Say men too much trouble but seem like them women drive you just as crazy if not crazier.

Baby upstairs changing the tile in the bathroom,because I didnt like that color tile they had in there. I am soo bored. I told baby to put on this Johnny Taylor and he got me reminiscing bought to fall asleep. “I believe in you…you believe in toooo.” Love that jam…. Baby tease me about being soo young luvin the blues… uh oh..”Will ya help me find a juke joint yeah..uptown cross the track” I love me some JT…Like just because he old he da only one that can like the blues. I guess I will go watch baby finish the bathroom upstairs or go lie down and finish my Carl Weber book So You Call Yourself A Man. Its good but not as good as Married Men was..Now that was a good book…Trying not to go to sleep yet because I got a taste for some chocolate tonite Baby say I’s wearing him out yet he stay ready…Got some dishes to do first . I hate dishes..Until next time..



I’m Back

Been away from the C.L. awhile because I had to move my phone/dsl service from old address to new and we moved this past weekend. It was only 5 days I was away but felt like an eternity. Probably was the longest I ever been away from this place since I joined.

The move went ok. We drafted my daddy to help. My old man got some strength. Sad to say but I wasnt much help. Most of my furniture is heavy and the boxes I packed was too heavy to lift. I felt bad that I really was not much help, but everytime I tried to lift a box to help. Baby just gave me a look….and I sat it back down Poor daddy . We wore him out. I felt soo bad I kept asking daddy you ok you wanna take a break. You need some water? Oh man..come to think of it I need to call him again and thank him profusely. We would not have been able to do it without him. Well when we moved into our old apartment it was just me and baby. We got some heavy azz furniture and I swear it was not easy. Baby was easier on daddy than he was on me..a lot nicer. Very frustrating…a lot of heavy lifting I did that time. Daddy was alot of help. And he had to take that heavy headboard and dresser up a curving staircase. I know it was hard work.

After all that I only came out with one broken item and that was my computer desk. Baby was frustrated “man you done broke it” “you dont broke it” Dad apologized ..I didnt even care. I just felt bad for working my daddy that hard. I know they was tired. Moving is not easy. Afterwards baby said he can probably fix the desk. I was like or buy a new one, but then I forgot that he bought me that desk soo…… It didnt help that it was like 30 degrees outside. Going on March and we just now getting some winter weather. But it was that cold rainy weather.

But now its over..just alot of unpacking..straightening..still got to the 28th of this month to get back to the old apartment and clean that place out. Come to think of it i need to stop by there soon to check on the place. I came home yesterday and baby had fixed the living room. Furniture all in place..curtains up..Bedroom set almost put together. My baby moves fast. I was like dang dont i have a say in where everything goes.. Then like Aww never mind this place looks a mess do what you do. Just let me decide where the pictures gonna go.

Took the day off today to try to knock some of it out. I put the kitchen together. Really dont like how the cabinets are made but every thing is coming together nicely Until next time ….



A lot of Work

We were able to gain access to the townhome on Tuesday and lets just say it needed a lot of work, but we are almost done. I have shopped at Home Depot in one day more than I have ever shopped their in my entire life. Painting is hard work. Then I went back to the store to get the paint that I thought was Wedding White but turned out I actually had gotten Off White the first time and ya know paint cant be returned once you have them mix it. I thought I was going to go in that place and show my color but It was cool. All it took was a little, not much, insistance. Mgr was real cool about it so that was great.

I am soo ready for this month to be over with. Sometimes I wish I was that lady off of Bewitched that can just snap her fingers and wiggle her nose and everything is just magically fixed to her liking. I told Baby I wanted to move our stuff in this weekend. Why did I tell him that because now he is moving like Speedy Gonzalez in the new townhome and I am sitting her in the old apartment not able to catch up. I still have soo much left to pack and I am sitting her messing around on the computer….

In the old apartment I called the office for them to fix some stuff before we move out and they havent fixed it yet. I guess once they receive notice that you are moving out and receive your last month rent they dont give a damn about you. Probably planning on sending me a bill in the mail for it after I move out. Shitty apartments..

Talked to Amy yesterday. I didnt hear my cell ring because I didnt know the volume was turned down but it sounded when she left a message. I checked my message before calling her to hear her say ” I got fired today call me when you get this message . Bye.” Facial Expression was like and then ( and felt like That job is just not going to be the same without my little homie. How the fugg you gonna fire somebody for a fugging hold time. You fugging idiots. She didnt make her hold time for the month. This job and their dumb quotas. I have never worked at a job that had as many fugging quotas as this one.

They want us to be at 10 seconds hold time. Hell I didnt even make my fuggin hold time for this month. I was at 13 seconds. I was on a final written at the end of last year because my hold time was like 35 seconds. Then they put me on a overall final written which is something that my supervisor made up so he would not have to fire me. He asked me to be under 20 seconds hold time and he will let me make it with that.

Now….we have a new director. They moved the old director to another position. This is what everyone wanted. Me…I didnt like him but I been making it with him. I feel like this..The new director could be much worse and look havent even been there a whole week and she already fired my homegirl. She came over from CitiBank and you know CitiBank dont play when it come to service. Who’s to say I am not next. Just gotta put it in the Lords Hands. When one door closes the next one opens…..Until next time



Townhome Here We Come..

Found out yesterday we got approved for the townhome. I honestly doubt the lady did much digging into the backgrounds seem like she just want the money. I hope she dont turn out to be one of them slumlords I hear people talking about, but by the looks of the rental I would guess she is. If I was renting my place out I would not dare let anyone see it in the condition that it was in. I told Baby and we the stupid ones for renting it, but I like it. The place has potential and I know we can fix it up to our liking on her expense as well. I am just excited because we get to paint. Yess!! Color…I am exited about that. Whatever we fix will be deducted from the rent and I am taking pictures before we even move our stuff in case she try to trip about the deposit, but the lady seems ok.

Baby already getting upset because I am talking about all the stuff I will have to buy to make up for all the extra space we will now have Well he is not really upset because he likes to decorate as much as I do. He takes pride in his home which is one thing I love about him with his mister clean self. Baby say we will have to clean for a week before he will even allow us to put our stuff in there. I asked the lady on the phone yesterday when will the rental be ready..and does she think it will be ready by next weekend? The asian lady goes its already ready Later telling baby about this he was in shock. Mister Clean goes if thats clean I hate to see what their house looks like. True dat… I told Asian Lady you’re gonna have to re-clean because that place was not clean to our liking. She said she will send someone over there on Monday or Tuesday to re-clean. Baby say thats good but he doubts they will do a good job and that we still going to have to get in there and scrub. I know he secretly cant wait to get in that Townhome, because he just a regular ‘ol Mister Fix It.

Tuesday we are gonna stop by there, meet with her and sign the lease and pick up the keys. Baby told her we will pay her on Thursday but she is still allowing us to go in early. I still have some questions for her that I had forgotten to ask her when we went the first time. I need to make a list of those questions and take them with me so I dont forget. This is the first time that I have experience renting a privately owned rental. I have only rented from apartment complexes with the management companies, but I have a friend that has rented a house before and she had a bad experience with that stating that the slumlord did not want to fix anything. Hopefully our experience will be a better one. I dont want to be in here posting about my Slumlord and how she is doing me wrong.

That lady better re-key them locks too. I asked her on the phone if the locks had been changed and her answer was not yet. I guess she did not intend on doing that until I asked. But we shall see how this goes. Well break is over. Back to packing…I try to break away every 30 minutes or soo cause it gets tiring..until next time…



Coming Up Onto Feb 28

Hey Journal,

Looking for a new lease for close to 2 months now and now I am finally coming up to the end of my current lease. Kinda got down a little bit when we finally start to call some of those places that we had been riding through and riding through again and now ready to do business and they wanna be taken or in the process of being rented. I was gettin pretty desperate today.

The house on Malmedy was nice. A little small house with a garage..lady like “well call me back next week in case it dont go thru”. I liked it but was not too happy about the area. All the houses in our area are a little bit more than we wanna pay. And the ones that are reasonable are over on the Southeast side in South Park or 3rd Ward. I was not tooo upset about the house though because I would be concerned being there by myself when Black is at work. No burglar bars no nuthin.

The condo on Sandspoint baby loved. He says this is “quality” Thats his new word I guess I guess baby I called today and dude goes “well we just had someone apply for that one and I dont know if its gonna go thru but call this number and ask for Jeff to show it to you in case it doesnt ” Everybody wanna put me on the back burner.

Man even the townhome that I liked and baby did not care for…..Gone! That one was baby last choice and he didnt want to get it. He told me to call them and all these people say the same thing ” well its rented” I am like okay wow I cant believe that and about to hang up and then she goes “well give me your number in case it dont go thru ”


But I lucked up on another townhome that we had saw for rent next to the one that I liked and called..turned out to be in our price range and asking for a next to nothin deposit. So me and baby went to go look at it today….asian lady was late meeting us there and was about to leave because it was getting dark..did not have my cell phone..and she pulled up apologizing for being late. Went inside I was like “Eww no carpet” but that place was HUGE. I was surprise on the asking price for it. Only thing is it needs work which I guess she expecting us to do because from the looks of it she pretty much acting like she did what she gonna do. I still liked it though and was surprised baby liked it as well.

She wanted us to come back tomorrow and fill out the application I was like whats the point of that ..we filled it ou right then and slapped her with that deposit and she says she will have the response by Saturday.

I hope and pray it goes thru….” GOD PLEASE ALLOW OUR APPLICATION TO BE APPROVED AND LET US HAVE NO PROBLEMS …SMOOTH SAILING ALL THE WAY THRU …” She seemed pretty surprised that we wanted it by next weekend when our lease doesnt end until the 28th. We just paid rent today and then we are going to pay rent to her next weekend. She looking at us like dam ya balling or sumthin. She seem pretty nice. I liked her. But we shall see. Until next time ..



Woooooooooo Saaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hey Journal,

Man people been fuccin with me this month. What is it? I stay to myself dont bother no one and am real quiet and these people just– wont– leave –me –alooooone.

I see I havent wrote in a while. I got more drama than a little bit. My new year is not starting out right at all. Try to live a drama free life and it aint happening. Okay how about I been living in these funky apartments for 3 and a half years with no problems at all and then come December I give my 60 day notice to move out as required and these people wanna be starting shiit with me. What da hell?

Black is not on my lease because of his little run in he cant be so hey thats how we gotta do that there but its been cool no problems. My man is cool with everybody…the maintenance, housekeeping, neighbors, etc. So why all of a sudden people wanna be acting brand new like they didnt know he was staying there and now its a problem. Man we got 2 fuccin months on this lease chill out…This fuccing white dude of an apartment mgr is like “we dont allow that” What the hell is it that you dont allow? People get out of jail where they hell they suppose to stay? You got all these foreigners and illegal aliens staying here and you allow that. Uhhhhhh! I swear. Gotta obey the fuccing rules

Thats life! When you get thrown a lemon -make some damn lemonade.

My nerves are soo rattled right now. If someone even looks at me the wrong way I am snapping back. And thats not me at all. I havent even gotten into my bible lately. I feel like God is trying to tell me something and I am refusing to listen. I keep banging my head up against a brick wall and its insane. Am I doing the same thing expecting different results? Hell the fucc yea..wooooooooo saaaaaaaa! Thanx for listening ..until next time



HaPpY NeW YeArS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wat up?…Another year and I hope this year brings forth a zillion blessings and may it be very prosperous for me and my family and yours.

For new years I cooked and invited my dad over. I cooked a roast with some greens, black eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, and corn bread. It was my first time cooking greens outside of the can and the shiit was good if I do say soo myself I slow cooked that roast all night long and then took it out that crock pot and it was falling to pieces. I preserved the pot liquor and cooked the greens in that juice. My bf was heated cuz I only cooked a small pot. I was like dag man I didnt know they would be soo scrumptious lol and then why did I give the last of them to my dad to take home lol oh boy I was like “Baby I’mma make you soo mo’ He was like “I ought to have you go out there now and buy some and cook them up” lol But it was cool we played dominoes dad and bf talked shiiit while playing as usual..and I think my daddy be trying to let me win..but he wont admit to it. Afterwards we watched movies and my dad and Baby fell asleep on the movies as usual. I hate when folks fall asleep on my movies. GRRRRR!

Been looking for apartments. I am starting to dread moving. It is such a hassle. I am trying to stay near our jobs and also not move into a bad neighborhood. Baby wants to move into a house, but the houses that we have found are not on the side of town that we wanna be on. I am also concerned about our credit, but hopefully it will all work out for the best.

This is the first year that I have not made any new years resolutions cuz I dont stick to them. But the three things that I would like to get good about is:

1. Get out of debt
2. Save
3. Work out maybe more than 3

4. Give up soda
5. Drink more water
6. Eat more fruit

Dats it I guess but yea just need to be more conscious about whats goes in my mouth. I be dead beat tired when I get home and dont feel like working out but need to get in the habit of doing so

Well dats all folks. I am bout to go hop in the bed with Baby ..Until next time



On The Move

Gave my 60 day notice and February 28 2006 I am o-u-t- outta here. What is up with these apartments and their 60 day notices? So a 30 day notice is no longer suffice I guess. Oh well more time to save money I guess.

We decided we wanted a change and a bigger place and we came to the conclusion to move. We been here for going on 4 years and its cool and everything but we starting to pack mo shiit in here than a pack rat and its still stuff I wanna get like my fishy tank and still need to get another nightstand and that armoire to go with the bedroom suit we never went back and got. Think they will still have it ? You know it has been five years

I guess I will be cooking New Years I told my dad he could come over since we didnt do nothing for Christmas. He hasnt spoke to me all week. I guess when black folks dont need anything they dont call. Dats how it go. Ya know?

I bought my first slow cooker today. I have been wanting a crock pot for the longest just never bought one. You know, I had just told Baby that i wanted him to get me a crock pot this weekend and then my supervisor come give me a Walmart gift card for the highest quality for the month of Dec. YEAH!! I got a 89 last month and it pissed me the hell off cuz I hate gettin wrote up and I shot that score up to 98 this month. Thats whats up.

I dont know how I do it, but they must have only monitored the good calls this month. Thank God for that. That j is hard but when they give me attitude I just have to put on a big azz smile and sound cheerful as hell and I find thats what pisses them off cuz they want me to talk back to their azz. I dont play them games. Then at the end they wanna apologize. “Well I am sorry for being soo rude and they held a gun to my head and made me except this and I was drugged and on medication when they called me and I didnt really do this and it wasnt me and blahblah”. yeah right and whatever I cancelled your azz …now biotch get off my got damn not going to help me make my commission this month so I dont wanna talk with you. CLICK! lol I wish. I try to talk to them all thru the call and butter them up to get the sale (me: so how’s the weather? *silence* ) (me: How are you doing today? *silence*) Them people dont wanna hear it because they know what you trying to do, but after I cancel them they wanna hold a damn conversation. I tried to relate with you all during the call yea yea whatever I know my name is pretty and no I dont really care if you granddaughter name is also Christina ( I get tired of hearing this ) WTF Off the wall shiit .
But yea I got the highest quality for the month of Dec so that job bought me a crock pot and some other junk. You know you cant just leave out of Walmart with one thing.

Well thats pretty much it for right now. Actually there is more that is bothering me but dont feel like gettin on my soapbox tonite. I’ll update later ..Until then



Sooo Sad

Well our Parakeet Snowie died today…May She R.I.P. … Well I am not an animal lover soo I really dont feel anything. Boo love animals and he gets all bombed about anyone passing. We have had soo many deaths this year I tell you. His oldest aunt passed away last month and I am surprised he didnt take it as hard as I thought he would.I basically just told him that since losing my brother and my mother I think my feelings are dead to death. When someone tells me “oh so and so passed” I am all like ..”oh really…sorry to hear that…so n e way” I dont think that I am heartless but you just move on. When my brother passed away in 2003 my world stopped. After losing my mother he was all I had left……dont want to go down that road of pain right now maybe another day…

Snowie was Boo bird..I swear he want to turn our home into a farm if he could  I love that big heart of his..its just funny how he try to be all hard and manly all the time and yet luv him some animals..but yea I had just got off the phone with him when I was on my last break and he called me not even 10 minutes later telling me “Baby I got some bad news “sounding all sad and stuff…I had the phone on speaker cuz I was at Amy desk and I didnt want anyone to see the phone to my ear…(no cell phone policy at work)…he like “Snowie died ” I was like “Are you serious?”..Wait a minute “Damn are you crying?”  Ohhh Shiit its not funny..then Amy stupid azz gonna bust out laffin so I had to hurry up and get the phone off speaker than I ran off the call center floor to talk to him. If he would have known she heard him he would have been p’d off at me. But he was like “Naw you just get attached to shiit when you feeding them everyday and thangs…you aint never fed her so you dont care” Yea I do..I care it is sad shiit we only had that damn bird for a few months. ..Then I get off the phone with him and go to my desk and Amy come rubbing on my back talking about “its gonna be okay…I just aint never seen no one get upset about a bird’ She stupid I swear…

It was raining soo freaking hard today and I sit by the window at work. I was gettin cursed out by this white biitch on the phone ..ignoring her.. while I looked at the cars tryin to ride thru the waters and getting stuck..*in my ear* “YOU BETTER GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK OR I AM CALLING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL” Betta??? I felt like telling that women I aint betta do shiit but stay black and die…I swear this job kills me….I am like shiit I need to be at home cuddled up wit my man. I love the rain, but that lightnening was frightening….the computers went off for a second and everybody was like “Yes” then it came back on and then its “No”  I had to be careful driving home today because my car aiint got no breaks in the rain. I got in my first wreck last week. Hit this mexican biitch from behind and was soo scared to get home and tell Boo and he surprised me and was like ” I am just glad that you are o.k.  Not his “Blue” He didnt even want to check out the damage first.

Boo did kinda piss me off though cuz when I got home he didnt know what to do with the bird I was like damn I thought you would have took care of that by the time I got home because hell I didnt know what to do with it either. I asked him “Baby if something happen to Sunday (my cat) what we gonna do with her ?” Damn if something happen to my cat I would be dev-a-sta-ted..Man that cat gets on my nerves but it would be quiet around here without her. …She like my baby and Yea now I know I was wrong for suggesting he throw it away. …Boo looked at me like he wanted to say damn biitch do you have a heart…I wonder about my heart sometimes…but hell we aint got no back yard ..soo we ended up burying it in the apartments by the pool… I was like the maintenance men gonna end up digging it up prolly n e way when they do the gardening but hey we tried  I just wonder what made her croak. Boo saying “Shiit I need to stay away from animals ..thats the second one that done croaked on me…

Until next time 

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