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Uhh! This cat!

Seem like i just posted about my four day weekend. And today is already the last day of it. Aww Shit!!

Yea I forgot to post that BJ got me a cat like a month ago. We call her BB. It stands for busy body. That she is. One of his customers gave the cat to him and he already had told the customer he would take it but then called me to confirm. I didn’t want it but I didn’t tell him that because I thought he wanted it.

What is it about men that makes them always want to give me animals? My ex gave me a cat too. We named her Sunday because we found her on a Sunday. Had the cat for years and just got rid of her a few months ago. So I think it was non thinking on my bf part to give me another cat. When I got rid of the first one that should have told him don’t bring no more but I should have spoke up too . I just couldn’t say no.

The cat was chill at first man. Real laid back cat. She stayed to herself. All she did was find her a corner and curled up in it. I was like cool, this is just the kind of cat that I wanted. I always see folks with cats curled up in there window all day. Thats what I want a big ole lazy cat. Kinda like me lol.

My bf was all excited because we got our first pet together and shiit. He had me excited too but I was still skeptical because I know how cats are and I was right. Cat running all around the house, knocking stuff down, making a mess in the bathroom with her cat litter spread all across the floor. Don’t let us go in the room at night and leave her out. We sleep with the door closed. It keeps the room cooler. She wants to come in so she bams on the door for about an hour and when I went out of the room this morning I saw that she had pulled up the carpet in front of our bedroom door. Brand new carpet. *Sighs*

I don’t know how much longer i can deal with the terror. I am really not an animal person but I try to be. I like my peace and quiet times. Don’t like to be bothered much. My bf is regretting getting her too probably because of the way she is getting on my nerves.

She is really a cutie tho. Look at her. You want her?? You know you want her.

My cat BB

My cat BB


Everything Is Good

I really don’t have much to write about ya’ll. Everything is good. Me and mine getting along just fine. I love that man! He brings soo much joy into my life. We are enjoying life. I cannot wait to be engaged, married, barefoot and pregnant with little Chris’ and Bryants running around. Ha Ha. Living the good life.

As for work, more things have changed as usual. This is really one of the most can’t make up their fucking minds companies I and I am sure you have ever worked for. Shit is always changing. Remember last month I made a post that they had something else up their sleeve. Read here. But this time the change was actually something I liked. I can digg it. <smile> No more fucking s-a-l-e-s. Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus! We do s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t customer service now. Something I always wanted to do. I hate to fucking sale. I don’t even know how I allowed myself to get roped into that type of job atmosphere anyway, but it is a paycheck and an easy one at that now. People call in now wanting to c-a-n-c-e-l their member-ships and I process their fucking cancellation without one fucking effort. Booooooo bitch get off my line. Its funny the customers are like aren’t you going to try to convince me to keep it. Naw Bitch your ass is cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone about your business if you don’t want it then you don’t have to have it. People I swear? When you try to pitch a sale to them they don’t want to hear it but get mad when you don’t sale to their ass lol. Unfucking believable…

But as I stated this job is always changing so I don’t expect for it to stay like this too long. I am sure eventually they will find some way for us to start back doing s-a-l-e-s even tho they just let go of the s-a-l-e-s dept last month. Can’t make up their fucking mind I tell you but I am going to ride this wave while it lasts. My job is such a freaking joy now. Calls are sloooow right now which is soo unusual for this company. Usually they are back to back all day to where I can’t even get a breath in between. Soo they have been letting people A-u-t-o now which is basically when the calls are slow they have a number of spots available for people to go home who choose to. This is bad because I don’t know how to turn that down. I have been doing A-u-t-o for the last couple of weeks and my last check was hurting because of it. Its funny my co-workers get mad at me because I leave everyday early.

Whatever! Hell they have the option to do so too but they pass it up so why they make their little snide remarks about me going home everyday I would not know. Mad because they can’t I guess. Hell its me going home with a small ass paycheck so why the fuck you hating guys?? Its funny because everybody want to go home early on Friday tho and let my ass be the one to get an A-u-t-o spot. Good Lord! All I hear is “she been going home early all week”. Ummm didn’t your ass have the option to as well which you decide to pass up. To me A-u-t-o is like a long deserved vacation for me. Soon the calls will be back to back again and we all will be complaining glued to our fucking seats. Not going a got damn where. Give me a break.

But that is pretty much all that is going on with me and as you can tell its not much buts its alll good 🙂

Love ya


My Life My Life My Life My Life

It has been awhile since I have truly been this happy. I am letting my guard down more and more each day but still not all the way down because thats when things start fuccing up right? I really love this man and I used to always say darn everyone getting blessed being happy when is it my turn to be happy. I know I have been blessed being able to have a job from 4 years, not going hungry, having a roof over my head and clothes on my back. I am happy for that. All this not having no one to depend on but THE MAN up above. I have never had to ask my family for jack. My baby is like stop being soo damn independent (even tho thats what he says he loves about me). Its hard sometimes to let go and just BE A WOMAN. I have been the man and the woman in the relationship for soo long I forget I got someone that takes care of business and does it VERY WELL.

But HE really blessed me when he removed someone from my life that meant no good for me not only that but replaced him with someone that is devoted to pleasing me and I do the same for him. Thats my heart right there. Everyone in bad relationships that feel like they don’t have the strength to let it go should keep praying to God about the situation because I know what its like to feel like you are “STUCK” in a bad situation. I have been there and I know what it feels like and its not a good feeling to just takes someones bullshiit disrespecting you and not appreciating you when you really don’t have to take that so why do we become soo complacent. Do what you do and find someone that appreciates you for you and all that jazz. Why do you and get stepped on by an ungrateful mutherfuccer. I fear sometimes getting “STUCK” again but with my honey he is soo respectful and patient with me I really feel there is nothing to fear. Plus Id like to think I am little bit stronger this time but Love makes me weak. We get along great enjoy each others company have fun with one another and we both know how to be a big kid and then get serious. I would do anything for that man.

In other news my job is making yet another change. Aint that a biitch. This company lays off people more than a little bit. It has decided all of a sudden it doesn’t need its sales dept so has decided to do away with it so they are going to FIRE the sales dept and let them get re-hired again at get this 9.00 an hour freak WTH. Instead of doing sales they are going to be doing what I do which is mainly customer service. Ain’t that something. Aren’t I glad that I transferred from sales to customer service so I would not have to deal wit that bs. This company I swear. One of my best friends has been with the company for 5 years and she is going to be reduced to 9.00 an hour and she will lose her seniority and this girl has 4 kids. That is not funny. So they offered them a severance package instead if they don’t want to do that and will give them she said 1000 for each year that she has been there. Hummmm…..ok? But she says she is just soo fed up with the company and all of the changes that they keep doing that she is going to just take the 5 grand and look for something else. Can’t say that I blame her. If I was put in that position that is hard and scary to make a change but hey I have been with the company for 4 years and I know I deserve way more that 9.00 dollars and hour for all that I put up with. Hell I should be making more that I am making at this moment but a year ago they decided they wanted to take a dollar away from everyone freak

With every change this company makes I just take it like a soldier or a little bitch whichever way you see it and roll with the punches. I have seen soo many ppl get fired from the company over some of the most silliest stuff and I have survived, but I be damn if I allow them to play with my money again just because The company decides they want to lower their starting pay rate to 9.00 an hour and is trying there damndest to figure out away to pay their loyal employees who have been there for years what they pay their new hires. Get outta here. That is ass backwards. I have been with the company for 4 years . I got all that time invested and you gonna play me like that. I feel this is not over they definitely got something more up their sleeve. Like maybe lowering my dept to 9.00 dollars an hour. I . THINK. NOT. I am not going to worry about it. I have been thru it all and will still come out on top and my girl got something better that God has for her to do to .


Changes In My Life

If I hate anything its change. I feel like if it aint broke then don’t fucking fix it, but if its one thing that remains constant in my life it is change.

My job is making a lot of changes in February and unfortunately I having to change my schedule from 8 to 5 to 7 to 4. Now the upside of this is I’ll be getting off earlier but I will also be waking up earlier and anyone that knows me knows that I am not a morning person. Everyone is like you can’t get here at 8 so how are you going to get here at 7. I think it might be better for me because I will definitely have to get in the habit of waking up early now when before I would just wake up 30 minutes before I had to be to work and stroll in there at 8:30 like I was ontime or something. Now with having to be to work at 7 I can’t get up no later than 6 now . That sucks because I like to stay up late so Imma have to be in bed mos def by 10 now. I should have been trying to change my schedule to 9 LOL but I know me it dont matter what I change my schedule too I’m going to be late to my own damn funeral. New schedule starts in February so will keep you posted.

My landlord called me yesterday and said she wanted to come by and take some pictures of my townhouse because she is planning on selling it in January. That dramatically sucks because my lease is up at the end of next month so I have to decide if I want to deal with a new landlord or not and gotta worry about if they gonna raise the rent on me or what. I was not planning to move so I haven’t saved up any kinda moving expenses so If they decide to raise the rent…..GOD NOOOO!!! Pray about that please!! I might have to grin and bear it. Also I need to know how I would be getting my deposit back and everything if I stay and its gonna be a new person that I am paying rent to? Soo confusing…

My aunt is not talking to me anymore and I don’t know why and I am being stubborn and not calling her also. Its kinda obvious that she is not talking to me because she used to call me every other morning to wake me up before work. I know her gf does not like me so I dont know if she has been filling her head with b.s. or not but oh well. I am pretty much in this world by myself. People are soo fickle.


Am I unemployed?

Oh Gosh do I still work. I need to get back into the swing of things because cutting my own paycheck in half is not going to git it

Rocky is getting soo big. Lastnight when Baby was in the shower and I was on the computer I am chillin thinking Rocky somewhere chillin in a corner curled up sleep…but noo Baby come out the shower and is like Boo come look at where Rocky is . Rocky done climbed the stairs I am like damn aint u a big boy He looked soo funny trying to climb the stairs.He puts his front 2 feet on a step and then tries to pull the back two legs up. I am like aww man thats kinda scarey because he can easily slide back and bust his azz on the floor. He keep trying to do it too and the next time he did it he almost ended up at the top of the stairs. Climbed the first set of stairs and was climbing the second set. Ya know our staircase curves around. Funny and not soo funny at the same time Mr BusyBody.

Trying to figure out what to do . Already 1 and have not gotten dressed yet. Time sure flies when u not at work dont it ? I need to stop by Trang store and drop off the rent. She had me sit the dryer outside lastnite for her husband to pick up so its on its way to being fixed. Refrigerator is empty so gotta go take care of that. Need a refill and manicure but its not in my budget, Baby get paid today so hoping he can be nice and treat me Need to stop by the bank and I would like a new outfit. Man I really need to carry my azz to work because my money is not looking right. I been taking full advantage of that Auto I tell ya. Wednesday sup goes we got PRE AUTO for health and dental for thurs and fri and dont u know I put my name on both those sheets of paper He was like I though u would just take half a day… but u cant say no can u? I really cannot. I say Mr B if ya got Auto next week dont tell me about it because I am going to be glued to my seat next week. I refuse to move. I only worked 1 day this week. What tha hell??? And shiit always comes up in this household with the price of lights and gas I needs to not be taking noo days off.

I need to see a dermatologist because my face is back breaking out and I been drinking mad water and laying off the soda. Its a bunch of crock. Baby done cleared his face up beautifully. They gave him the strongest medicine pills they got on the market say if u pregnant or your girl pregnant u cant even have sex or gotta be safe because the pills cause birth defects. But them pills did wonders on his face. I need to put my insurance to use.

My sex drive for some reason is like supa dupa high and baby cannot keep up and its pissing me off I want it like everyday. We done flipped the script because at first when I was younger he always wanted it and I didnt . I used to not even like sex maybe for like the first 2 years in our relationship. I think my stuff was too tight and we wasnt using nooo lubrication because it hurt like hell and doggystyle I could not bare BUT NOWWWWW!!! Shoot I dont know what happened but I would have it everyday if I could and now he is the one thats always tired. I tried to talk to him lastnite like what is it is it boring ?? I can get the lotion and the toys. He is sooo not into that. Just str8 fuccing for him . Me , I am willing to try new things to spice it up but he not into all that. He say he just tired. Been working late hours I understand. Maybe because I havent been going to work I got all the energy now *lightbulb just came on in my head*
Lemme go handle my chores. Until next time



Auto Crazy

I am going Auto crazy. I havent been to work since Tuesday and thinking about not going in tomorrow. I wake up at 7am still lying in bed ..grab my cell..and call traffic and ask “Ya got any Auto for health & dental (my department) ?” yep okay sign me up. My check gonna be looking shitty again.

Today boo put some new speakers in the car and a amp. It sounds nice too. He think he tha shiit

We done got into the routine of walking the track together every other night. I need to start running it but not motivated to. I heard walking is betta well actually fast pace walking instead of the leisure strolling I be doing. lol

Gone be broke for another 2 weeks. Ya would think that would be my motivation to take my azz to work tomorrow but we shall see..

Well I am about to call it a night….until next time



New Job

Boo got sent to another job and working loooooooooong hours at the Port and me and Rocky are home alone ( I aint mad though..get ya overtime baby . Lawd knows we can use the money .

Me on the otha hand my check will be s-o-r-r-y coming up on this week cuz I left work everyday last week and when i say everyday i mean EVERYDAY..MON TUES WED THURS FRI..I wasnt playing. Everyday like around 12:00 My sup say you wanna Auto?  Auto is something my job has when the calls are coming in slow they give the option to a certain amount of people to go home early if they like. I was outie 5000ziiie.. I think I did 48 hours but thank God for commission so it will more than make up for it but still getting cheated ya know.

Sup came thru today and asked if I wanted to Auto…man it was soo hard to not say yes, but hell rent is coming up got a 200 dollar light bill and some mo bills that i done got introduced too so I said No ..if ya got it dont tell me about it. Damn 3:00 they came around again with the Auto papers and I was about to git it. Jo was like girl you got 2 hours til5:00 if you dont sit yo ass down. Good job on motivating me even though she Auto and left me an hour later at 4:00 because her baby got a fever. Thats ok because I got called off at 4:00 to do training for the Newbies on X-sell because our X-sell numbers are low. So that last hour flew by.

I gots to get to work on time. Why is that soo hard ? I guess just got in the habit of being late. Looking back on my time I can count on one hand how many times i have been on time within the last couple of months .I am on a written and if i dont make my adherance this month will be a final. Sup tries to help. He gave me some vitamins and told me to take them. They might be helping because I was on time this morning I had to be or he would be asking are u taking those vitamins? He wants me to do Lead duties when this other girl that does Lead on our team goes on maternity leave or to put in when a Supervisor position becomes available. I am not really interested in being a sup there though. I will do Lead duty to cover him when he out or whatever but thats about it. New positions will be coming available soon because they invested a lot of money in doing another center on the 18th floor and our 20th floor gets its own breakroom away from Bargain Network ghetto folks. They be soo doggone loud that I rather eat in my car sometimes .

Well baby is home I am kinda hungry and mouth is watering for that smothered chicken I made yesterday.

Peace Out !


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