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I’m Sad

My baby got arrested today. I soo hate that!


Oh Snap

My internet had been off for about a week now so thats why I hadn’t been posting. I was trying to figure out why the views on my blog had skyrocketed soo much. I had like 100 views in one day. That is not the norm for me. I am lucky to get 20 but I was like ok I guess ..whatever..but I made my rounds today reading over the blogs I like to read catching up trying to see whats going on in the blog world. I came across a post that nodaysoff made a few days back and saw that he spotlighted me on his blog. Thats sweet! Thank you!! I am sure everyone knows about his blog already but if you don’t check him out. He is mad funny!!


I Hate My New Neighbors

She loud. She ghetto. She ignant.

Her kids are loud. Her kids are always in my damn way when I am walking out of my townhome and I really just wish they would move!!!

Dammit I like my privacy. And they are invading my space. Am I racist if I say I don’t like to live by black people?

I’m sorry but damn it I hate drama and shit and whenever black people move near me they always seem to bring it.

I been staying here going on 3 years now and now all of a sudden I am thinking about moving.

How about I have been having my car sitting up for months now because I was going to get it fixed but then later changed my mind and decided fuck it let it rot. I just never had pickyourpart come and pick it up but its been sitting in my damn parking spot. MINE MINE MINE. Minding its own damn business and I don’t know who but dammit I wished I did know because they ass would be mine. Anyways some little fucker decides to bust the window on my car. This happened right after the hurricane so at first I thought Ike did it but then one day the boyfriend talked me into cleaning out the car so I could scrap it and lo and behold I found out someone tried to steal the cd player I had in there. Also the key on the passenger side had been picked. I was a mad bitch at that time but I still didn’t have it moved.

Yesterday I get home from work and I see the back driver side window had a hole in it as if someone threw a baseball through it. I was steaming then because I didn’t know who had done it and was mad that the little fucker had the nerve do it right up under  my damn nose while I am in the house chillin. All I had to do was step outide and catch they ass. What balls they have.

Last night, I needed some cigarettes soo bad so we about to go to the store and saw the little fucker had not only completely finished off the back driver side window but had also completely busted the back window. Fucked up my whole night. I don’t give a fuck if it is a piece of shit car and has been sitting there what gives you the right to tear up my shit!!

You don’t know how mad I was about this shit last night. I couldnt even resume what we had been doing before we had even went outside. I went back in the house raised the windows in my living room and listened because oooh I wanted to catch they little ass soo badly because it seemed like they wasn’t going to stop until they had they fun busting all the windows out.

Now I don’t know for sure if the ones next door did it or not but I do know that she had been complaining to her landlord to move MY CAR. What tha hell?

And lastnight when I was listening for them it sound like i heard a rock hit my living room window or me and the boyfriend may have just been listening for a reason to go out there and charge they ass up but the next thing I know my man had ran out the door and was yelling at them about throwing rocks at our window and I his ride or die chick was right behind him not even asking about the rock that hit my window but was asking them about my car lol.

Slept with the window open upstairs too and the fan off so I could hear knowing I am a hard sleeper but I tried to sleep with one eye open because I wanted to catch they ass soo bad.

Spent the whole day waiting on a tow truck to come and get the car which he never did and I swear if I go out there and see another window busted I am going to bust someone’s azzz!! I don’t know who’s but I will find one to bust.

I was yelling at everybody kids today because anytime I heard someone even near my car I was outside telling they ass off. DONT FUCKING SIT ON MY CAR, JUMP ON MY CAR , OR TOUCH MY CAR. ITS NOT A FUCKING PLAY TOY. GO PLAY WITH YOUR OWN MAMA’S CAR.

All I do everyday is go to work and come home and mind my own but I see I am going to start showing my face a little more around this damn place. Folks wanna fuck with my shit around here.

Thinkin about moving. I can’t stand staying around  bad ass kids and they ghetto ass parents.


We will make a argument out of anything

Ok so after our big break up that didn’t even last a day we was back arguing again yesterday and he was ready to leave all over a damn cookie. Yes. A cookie. It went a little something like this.

The boyfriend gets up to go get some cookies out of the kitchen and starts to eat on them. They those old expensive ass Pepperidge cookies that have only a few in the pack. Supposedly they his favorites but this the first I ever seen him eat one in 2 years??

Me: Can I have one? Well wait how many you have left in there?

The bf: Yes you can one.. (proceeded to give me one) ..I don’t know how many left in here.

Me:How many you have left?

The bf: Three.

Me: Oh okay No sorry I changed my mind I don’t want any.

The bf: Girl, here. Take this cookie.

Me: No I don’t want one.

The bf: Why you ask then?

Me: Because . I did want one because I saw you with it but I changed my mind because you only have 3 left.

The bf: I don’t care if I only have one left. I don’t mind sharing with you.

Me: I know. I just don’t want it now.

The bf: Damn you make me not even want to eat it anymore (proceeds to get up and put the cookies away)

Me: ( I’m upset) Just because I changed my mind about wanting a cookie does not mean that should stop you from enjoying your cookies and milk.

The bf: I just don’t want it anymore.

After that we was watching tv but I didn’t even want to watch it anymore because he had a shitty ass attitude looking all pissed all because I changed my mind about a damn cookie. And I was mad because he put the freakin cookies away just because I changed my mind and didn’t want any.  I was like what tha hell?  He started talking about how I always put him before me and he don’t like that. Any other girl would have been like give me a cookie or whatever but I am always thinking about him and being extra considerate of him and his  feelings  like me not wanting to eat all his cookies.


Ummmkay. He told me he like the fact that I am giving but I am too giving sometimes that it makes him mad. It was stupid and petty. I changed my mind this is not a reason to argue because I changed my mind. So we was going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Then he got up and was like you know what this is not going to change. We are going to continue to argue and started getting his stuff to leave. He still had his stuff in the Tundra from a few days ago that he did not bring in the house so basically he was just grabbing a few things he had in here to leave.

I wasn’t saying shit I was trying to be all hard about the situation like nigga wanna get mad about a fucking cookie and leave let him go then lol! He tore up the letter I wrote like did you even mean this shit??? I was like I meant it at that time lol. So he left out the door and I was looking out the peep hole at him to see if he was really going and I saw him place his stuff like next to my door and walk off  . So I go oustide talking shit “you wanna leave and break up with me fine don’t be leaving your shit by my door” It was crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

He ended up coming in the house tho and we had make up sex that night. It was real good too. Like better than it has been in a looong while.

I don’t know why we are arguing soo fucking much. I think maybe I have gotten in the habit of picking fights with him and its rubbed off on him and he has started to do that to me now. I was mad tho because I was like damn can’t a girl change her mind.

He is right about one thing I do always put him before me. I don’t know why I will do that in relationships. If we only have one thing left to eat in the house I will save that for him and the man is supposed to look out for the woman but I be looking out for my man real tough. I am very nurturing but I shouldn’t ever put no man above me. I need to work on that.

But yea we almost broke up over some damn cookie this time.


Won’t b Happy Til I Push Everyone Away

Baby I don’t know what to do right now? I feel soo lost without you here. All I can do is sit here in the dark and concentrate on the fact that you are not here with me. I hate myself right now. I hate myself for hurting and pushing away the one good thing in my life right now. All because of something stupid. I let that mess up everything that we built and have together. I feel soo foolish for allowing my anger to get in the way of our happiness. I wish that I could bottle up what I feel right now so just to sniff that bottle will remind me of what it felt like you not being here. Your truly a good man. And I sometimes take for granted how good you are to me. How stupid for me to allow this to come in between us. Baby I want you back here. Watchin our shows. Eating our salad. Laughin and Talkin. Drinking our mixed drinks. I know that I will never find someone who takes care of my emotional as you do. I pray to God he send you back to me right now!! I hear your beats outside? Do I hear you coming back to me? Had God answered me?? No. I went walking looking for the sound all the way to Popeyes and I didn’t see you or the Tundra. Guess it was just me wanting it to be you there and I didn’t see you. Please call me tell me you’re ok. I wish I had a car to drive around and find you. Are u thinking about me? I think I finally lost you ) :
I wrote this on October 1st. He is back now but I feel like he has one foot out the door. He loves me but his patience has ran out with me. Isn’t this what I wanted? To push him away. Well I succeeded so why do I feel soo sad. Always fuckin up shit. Got someone being the man, treating me like a queen, and I fucked up my own good thing. Didn’t have to have another bitch in the picture helping out. It was all me this time.


Well I Made It Thru

I survived Hurricane Ike and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.

Gotta get me one of those shirts. Even tho I think its a cheap way for folks to make money.

It was a hellish experience but it could have been much worse for me so I should not complain I guess. It wasn’t a Katrina so I guess thats why some say it wasn’t soo bad but can anything beat Katrina? My God nooooooo and thank goodness. Hopefully that was only once in  a lifetime thing. But Ike was still the worst Hurricane I ever experience because it affected me the worse. But I digress, besides not being able to find the food I want due to the pickings of food at groceries stores being real slim and being in desperate need of gas right now plus businesses I want to go to still being closed I am ok right now. I wasn’t one of the ones that lost their homes and got washed out to sea but I was one of the first to lose their power.

Even after all the hoopla I still didn’t think Ike would effect me any. I was wrong. I was up watching the news on Friday night, the bf was on the couch sleeping through it all, and boy the wind was really blowing strong. I went outside and was surprised to see my whole little neighborhood standing outside. I guess they were curious about what the hell ike was up to as well. I stayed outside about 15 minutes talking to my homegirl Cee  on the phone then came back into the house and laid back on the other couch to finish watching the news.

The lights blinked off around 9. I was surprised as hell that my lights blinked off that soon. Afterwards I heard that the energy company was surprised as well by this. It was unexpected. 99% percent lost power!!! That is freaking amazing. One guy they interviewed that works for the energy company was on the radio describing how it felt to watch his little screen at work and to see all the customers that lost power at nearly the same time. He was like I nearly lost myself.  And as of today there are 3 million people stil without power.

The hurricane was not expected to make landfall until after 12 midnight and here it was just 9 and already problems.The lights did blink back on but the cable showed no picture so what the fuck ever I just turned it off. Woke up the bf to go upstairs and finished watching the news upstairs. We rolled a fat one and watched news a few minutes before laying it down.

Not long after laying down…the blinking of power started again. The fan and the clock radio kept blinking off on off on off on off on off on off on until I could not take it anymore. I don’t know why everytime the clock radio blinked on the radio blinked on as well because the radio on my clock was not even turned to on but I made the bf get up and turn it off for good and then the lights went off for good. And then came the heat and stickyness and uncomfortableness. I had the window raised up. I didn’t give a freak if Ike was coming I was hott as hell. I could not even sleep good because the wind was blowing soo freaking hard it kept waking me up. Ya’ll I had never experience wind like this. I thought it would break my window.

When I woke up I got to witness just how strong Ike was. It completely destroyed my fence in the backyard and ripped my umbrella that goes to my patio set to shreds. We took a ride just to see the damage it caused in our neighborhood. A lot of trees knocked down, fences knocked down, street lights hanging on for dear life by a thread, some street lights was completely in the middle of the streets. No one had power! No one had power at all! I was amazed.

It didn’t even rain in my area.

Ike was nothing but wind and that wind did all that damage. I mean I can take a little rain and a lot of flooding and I thought that was what Ike would mostly be. I was like oh its going to rain. Its going to flood. Whoop te Do. I was wrong.

Saturday we didn’t have any water. And thats when things got real personal lol. No way to take a bath. Had to deal with washing our asses with a piece of soap, a jug of water, and a towel. I look and felt a freaking mess. Hair all over the head. I was like damn Ike If I had known I would have at least got my hair done for you so I would not have been lookin this way.

We was unprepared. The bf downplayed the whole thing. You know how men is. I wanted to go get this get that to be prepared you know but I let him be the man and let him squash what I wanted to do. Next time I am taking my ass to the store to get some shit. Luckily Saturday we found this little Cajun stand that was open owned by Chinese that was selling food. Line was out the whoo zoo. We was there 3 hours until we finally got our food. It was the only thing open. I ordered the catfish basket and he ordered some boudin and chicken wings. Thank God for Asians. I found more Asian places open the day after the hurricane then anything. Them Asians is not going to lose no money. They gonna make it do what it do. Also thank God for H-E-B.  They was open the day after the hurricane. They didn’t have a damn thing on they shelves but they was open. I felt soo proud of that at the time. Walgreens was one of the first ones to open back up as well and you know McDonalds is down for the people.

Its funny me and the bf was sitting in the Tundra listening to music in the truckand kept seeing our neighbors come into the complex with McDonalds bags. We was like unh unh where is they getting this McDonalds from??? Fucked up part is we couldnt get shit tho because we didn’t have enough gas to go anywhere and did not know who was selling gas at the time.

All that FEMA shit was unorganized. People on the radio complaining how Houston was the first to open they arms to New Orleans but we felt as though no one was there for us. All the FEMA pods that were set up for people to go get water and food was no where near my area. Some lady called in and was like all ya’ll complaining like this is Katrina when you can go walk or drive to get something to eat. Ummm….. nooo…. maybe she had a FEMA pod in her area but the majority of people did not have gas to go a got damn where. Oh well I guess every hurricane we have from now on is going to be compared to Katrina from now but things were pretty bad for some more than most. For a lot of people this was the first time they had went thru anything like this. Any whooo We thought we found a store that was open because we saw people coming out with juice and shit turned out they were looting. Yep we had looters.

Me and the bf basically spent our time between talking shit to each other while playing Monoply. I beat him twice!! and Going to the truck to listen to the radio and find out what the world was up to. Sunday we found a Mexican Restaurant open that we walked to selling Mexican food. It was dark as hell up in that restaurant. Don’t know how they did it but we ate it and it was good lol. I saw an open sign and me and the bf was thankful.  Monday I don’t think we ate anything or at least nothing memorable. I remember telling the bf i was hungry he told me don’t think about it lol. Hard times people….

Tuesday we found gas. The bf got fed up finally and was like fuck this shit he manned up and was like I am about to find some gas. He was like we can’t spend another day cooped up in this house. So he went to walking and turns out the Chevron up the street was where all the people was getting gas. While we was sitting in the truck we kept seeing people leaving back and forth and he was like it gotta be a gas station near here open. I was like maybe they filled up before the hurricane. He was like naw its something open and he found it. 9:00 at night while he was in a long ass line waiting for gas, I called him and told him the good news that the power was back on. Thank you Jesus! Afterwards we just rode around and found a pizza place open that sold some nasty ass pizza. Took us an hour and a half because the line was long.

Damn near five days without power. It was hot. The house stunk from like the bad food. When he was getting gas I was cleaning up the place and while I was cleaning up the lights came back on. I was like ain’t this a bitch haha. Baby came in the house and saw I had all the candles lit up I had found and was like now you want to light candles. Ummm yea! lol funny stuff.

After all this I am thankful because it showed me to be thankful for the small things like electricity and water. Me and the bf depend on the tv a lot of times to entertain us and it was good that we got to do something outside of that like talk haha. We played Monoply and enjoyed our time together.It let me know our love can stand the times. He told me he wasn’t worried about the hurricane before it came because he was like we gonna have each other. Awwww…baby….soooo…..sweeet! Ha Ha.

I felt bad because I was complaining about how long they  were taking to get our lights back on when some of the people I am close to are still without power.

I know this is a long post and maybe a few will read it but this is mainly a reference post for me that I can look back over  and read from time to time. So sorry soo long



Houston decides to stare down Ike instead of leave

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By MICHAEL GRACZYK, Associated Press Writer 11 minutes ago

HOUSTON – As a gigantic Hurricane Ike steamed through the Gulf of Mexico toward the Texas coast, officials in America’s fourth-largest city made a bold decision: Instead of fleeing, most residents here would stare down the storm.

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